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The Towanda Center provides high-quality education for students located in Bradford and Sullivan counties, and beyond. We offer a wide range of bachelor’s and associate degrees and certificate programs. Students who attend Lackawanna College’s Towanda’s Center can earn their complete degree in Towanda for many majors, or they can start in Towanda and complete requirements at our Scranton campus.

The Towanda Center is located at 1024 South Main Street. Students have access to dedicated classroom space and computer labs. Degree and certificate programs available in Towanda include business, human services and health sciences.

At Towanda we offer the following majors:

Bachelor's Degree

Associate Degree

Certificate Program

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Living away from our main campus in Scranton should not prevent Northeastern Pennsylvania students from earning a Lackawanna education in the way they want.

The Lackawanna College Towanda Center is here to answer the call of all those who want to earn their higher education in Towanda and live either there or in the nearby regions. From business to human services to sport management, our program offerings are competitive, challenging, and student focused.

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Towanda Center
1024 South Main Street
Towanda, PA 18848

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