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Hospitality Management

We all look forward to taking the occasional vacation or trip for a well-deserved break. When you check into a hotel or resort, you might start feeling relaxed and taken care of immediately. Part of the reason we’re able to enjoy our vacations is the hard work that hospitality workers do.

With an associate degree in Hospitality Management, you can spend every day of your career ensuring that hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants or venues are running smoothly. Lackawanna College offers a two-year program for students passionate about tourism, event planning and customer service.

Are you considering getting an education in hospitality management? Here’s what you can do with an associate degree from Lackawanna College.

What Does Hospitality Management Teach Students?

The Hospitality Management degree program is designed for students who would like to enter the field of hospitality and tourism. The program will exemplify and promote inventiveness, opportunity and distinctive leadership in the hospitality industry by applying a guest-centered philosophy to the operation, communication, marketing, management and advancement of the hospitable experience.

During this program, students working towards their associate degree in Hospitality Management will learn to:

  • Prepare for a managerial position in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, resorts and private clubs by applying fundamental management theories and skills specific to the hospitality field.
  • Develop a basic culinary skill set that will enable students to manage employees in both the front and back of the house.
  • Effectively execute the proficiencies needed for success as a hospitality executive: human resource management, marketing, excellent customer service relations, strategic branding, business management and food and beverage financial management.
  • Apply knowledge of lodging, food and beverage (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in a professional setting to best create a desirable guest experience aimed to elevate their experience and provide unparalleled guest satisfaction.
  • Emerge as an agent of change in the hospitality industry armed with a working knowledge of sustainability, equipped to enhance and nourish the social, environmental and economic forces within the hospitality and tourism fields.

What Does Our Hospitality Management Program Involve?

The hospitality industry is fast-paced, with a wide range of different career paths. At Lackawanna College, our curriculum introduces students to all the responsibilities they may have working in hospitality. Students will gain an understanding of how the hospitality industry works and find what aspect of the industry they’ll excel in.

Students will study all areas of the hospitality industry, including:

  • Event Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Hotel Operations
  • Macroeconomics

What Can You Do With a Degree in Hospitality Management?

Many might be surprised by the number of different career options in hospitality management. The first type of career that many people think of when they consider the hospitality industry is working at a hotel, resort or even on a cruise ship to ensure that guests’ vacations are running smoothly. While this is a common route for those with hospitality jobs, it goes far beyond that. If you do choose to work in a hotel or another venue, you might prefer having more of an event planning role working with weddings and conferences. Others in the hospitality industry might be more drawn to the food aspect of the industry. Event caterers and restaurants all require skilled hospitality professionals to oversee daily operations.

Enroll at Lackawanna College Today

Working in the hospitality industry is an exciting career option that can be filled with challenges and new experiences every day. Motivated professionals are always in demand in the hospitality industry to help provide the best service for guests and clients. Students at Lackawanna College will receive a high-quality education that prepares them to meet the demands of whatever career path they choose in the hospitality world.

Now is the time to take the first steps towards earning your degree to get your dream job in hospitality. Fill out our inquiry form to get started or call us at 877-346-3552 to learn more.


Lackawanna College is approved by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education to grant bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and professional certificates and is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, which is designated as a National Accrediting Agency by the U.S. Office of Education.