Associate Degree in Cyber Security | Lackawanna College


At A Glance

Exclusively online two-year degree for college-ready students.

Graduates will enter their field prepared with experience in the current digital age.

Careers in the cybersecurity field are expected to increase by 33% between 2020 and 2030.

Demand for cyber jobs is growing from 2019 through 2029 at a rate of 31%, the highest of any industry during that period of time.

Receive hands-on experience through internships and clubs in the cybersecurity field.

Welcome to Cybersecurity-Associate Degree

You’ve always kept up with the latest in technology and now you want to grow a career out of that passion. With Lackawanna College’s Associate Degree in Cybersecurity, you can be in that world, solving and preventing complex cyber security issues that can affect all of us.

Here at Lackawanna, you will use the latest in cutting-edge technology to prepare yourself for the current digital age of cybersecurity.

Your Career Starts Here

Careers in Cybersecurity are expected to grow 33% between now and 2030, making it one of the fastest growing fields. The median average wage for those in the cybersecurity field in Pennsylvania was $95,000 per year in 2022.

After completing this two-year online major, you can find employment in the following fields:

  • Network Administration
  • Domain System Administration
  • Security Operations
  • Cryptography
  • Risk Management and Compliance

Jobs you can begin right after receiving your degree include:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • SOC Analyst
  • Help Desk Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • And many more!

More About the Program

Our Cybersecurity Associate Degree will cover various computer science topics within the field of cybersecurity, allowing student to learn how to prevent major cyber security threats and attacks. The cybersecurity major can be considered a computer science degree with an emphasis on security.

Cybersecurity is a fast-paced field, and our students receive an education preparing them to tackle the problems our online world faces every day.

With new technology emerging daily, cybersecurity is a highly sought out talent that is enhanced at Lackawanna College. Students can expect to find high quality job opportunities in both private and public sectors after graduation.

Lackawanna College teaches a cybersecurity curriculum that ensures our graduates obtain the necessary skills to meet current workforce demand.

Cybersecurity students will learn how to:

  • Interpret the fundamental concepts and techniques of cybersecurity.
  • Analyze cyber security measures for all the major computer science components including operating systems, networks, databases, programming, and information assurance.
  • Apply coursework concepts to hands-on laboratory exercises to demonstrate cybersecurity skills.
  • Recognize the ethical and moral responsibilities of cybersecurity in the modern age.

The Course Work

The cybersecurity major consists of a combination of mathematics, software development and other areas of study in the following courses:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Scripting & Programming Essentials
  • Operating System Administration
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Cybersecurity Design Principles
  • Network Design and Protocols
  • Network Security Automation
  • Virtualization/Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity Internship