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School of Petroleum and Natural Gas

The School of Petroleum and Natural Gas (PNG) has bridged the gap between traditional higher education and a hands-on, skill development path. Our PNG program is offered at our Tunkhannock Center, with expansion plans at our Towanda Center.

Our School of PNG may be an excellent CAREER path if:

  • You are interested in a non-traditional program of study that blends a formal classroom experience with hands-on mechanical laboratory learning
  • You want to enter a field where you can earn top dollars
  • You want to obtain a career that is in demand

The School of PNG’s Tunkhannock location offers a lab experience dedicated to the oil and gas industry where students learn on equipment they will be working with in the field. Our labs and equipment are the most current on hands, thanks in large part to the support of exploration and production (E and P) and Midstream companies such as Coterra Energy, Southwestern Energy, Chesapeake Energy, DT Midstream, Williams Energy, Archrock, Archaea Energy, S2W, Repsol Energy, EQT, TC Energy and Ariel Corporation.

Nearly 93% of School of PNG graduates are hired by major E and P, Midstream and Pipeline companies. Our degree paths and certificate programs produce field technologists and technicians that closes the gap between certificate/AAS Vo-tech programs and petroleum engineering programs.

We offer two tracks at the Associate Level ..

At School of Petroleum and Natural Gas we offer the following majors:

… and two Certificate programs:

Earn your degree close to home and be hired right here in Northeast Pennsylvania or anywhere across the country. As a graduate of the School of PNG, you’ll help build greater energy independence in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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