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Professional Studies

At A Glance

Two-year, associate degree program that allows students to take a variety of liberal arts courses.
Exposes students to different subjects so they discover their true calling.
Graduates will be ready to continue their education or jump right into the workforce.
Graduates will be skilled in communication, problem solving and critical thinking.
Available in Scranton, Hazleton, Lake Region-Hawley, Sunbury, Towanda, Tunkhannock and online.

Welcome to Professional Studies-Associate Degree

Looking for a solid educational foundation where you can get exposed to a variety of liberal arts courses to find your true calling? Then Lackawanna College’s Professional Studies associate degree may be the perfect fit. The program teaches students the fundamentals of writing, speaking, arithmetic and other liberal arts courses.

Your Career Starts Here

If you intend on continuing your education but want to receive your associate degree first, a degree in professional studies is a great place to start. Having the ability to select different courses can also be beneficial for students who are still exploring what they want to study.

Whether you’re planning on furthering your education or entering the workforce, the skills gained through professional studies will leave you well-prepared. Students with a professional studies degree will be able to show employers that they’re skilled in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and more.

More About the Program

Rather than focusing on one specific area, professional studies allows students to take courses in a variety of liberal arts courses, such as the humanities, social sciences, business and math and science divisions. Students can explore different ways of thinking and learn new ways to look at the world.

Students will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate analytical and creative reasoning skills in a broad range of liberal studies.
  • Provide students with a program that allows for interdisciplinary studies.
  • Demonstrate quantitative and/or analytical problem-solving skills.
  • Effectively communicate ideas through written expression.
  • Integrate multi-disciplinary course offerings as a plan to develop themselves as a whole.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide works on subjects relating to human existence: social, political, philosophical, technological, and cultural through selected areas of study.

As a part of our program, students can choose elective courses that reflect their specific interest and goals. This gives students the flexibility to tailor their education to work best for them.

The Course Work

Students in the program are required to take several introductory courses, but the curriculum is largely made up of elective courses that students choose from themselves. They include courses in:

  • Social Science
  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy

Additional Information

Lackawanna College is approved by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education to grant bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and professional certificates and is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, which is designated as a National Accrediting Agency by the U.S. Office of Education.