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Students who enroll in Lackawanna College’s associate degree in accounting program will become acquainted with the basics needed to perform financial analysis and planning related to budgeting in a corporate or non-profit business environment. The curriculum is focused on real-life application throughout all of the accounting and finance courses. In addition, business electives in the program allow students to tailor their degree toward an area of accounting that interests them most.

The foundation provided by an associate accounting degree prepares students for entry-level accounting positions or to move easily into a four-year institution’s curriculum focused on accounting, business or management. Lackawanna students also benefit from the College’s focus on internship opportunities, which afford students the experience and skills that can give them employment advantages in the job market.

So, what is involved with an associate degree in accounting from Lackawanna College? Learn more below.

What an Associate Degree in Accounting Teaches You

Any degree, no matter the required amount of study, provides students with core knowledge points that they can take out into the working world, or in some cases into a more advanced degree program. When students complete Lackawanna College’s associate degree in accounting program, they will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of basic accounting principles, practices and procedures
  • Use computer programs and packages for data entry, calculation, posting of accounts and the preparation of tax returns
  • Apply the principles of managerial accounting to industrial situations
  • Demonstrate mastery of financial principles related to corporate finance
  • Define fundamental business principles through the study of law, management economics and statistics

Some graduates of our accounting associate degree program have the opportunity to transfer directly into our bachelor’s degree in accounting program. Other graduates will find that they have built a strong foundation for earning their bachelor’s degree in business, but some additional courses may still be required.

What Does Our Accounting Associate Degree Program Involve?

The associate degree in accounting at Lackawanna College is a two-year, or four-semester, program. Earning this degree opens up a range of entry-level accounting and finance positions that will require candidates to employ the skills they learned in school.

Areas of study that students typically encounter in associate accounting degree programs include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Logic and Ethics
  • Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
  • Payroll
  • Integrated Accounting Applications

An associate degree in accounting is the shortest type of degree one can earn in the field. However, the focus areas a student will encounter in the two years are still involved enough that, by the end of the program, graduates will be knowledgeable in record-keeping, studying and interpreting accounting data and thinking critically about businesses and their finances.

Career Possibilities for Accountants with Associate Degrees

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment for accountants and auditors is expected to grow by 11% between 2014 and 2024, with nearly 142,000 new jobs available. In general, workers with associate degrees in accounting can expect to earn somewhere around $51,000 annually. This number varies by geographic location.

Associate degrees in accounting do limit people in their career prospects, primarily in the area of becoming a certified public accountant (CPA). All US states mandate that CPAs have bachelor’s degrees. Graduates of Lackawanna College’s associate program in accounting who want to become CPAs can go on to earn a bachelor’s degree with the College.

However, many non-CPA job opportunities still exist for holders of associate degrees in accounting. Careers include a variety of entry-level clerk positions in institutions such as:

  • Banks
  • Investment companies
  • Brokerage firms
  • Finance departments of corporations
  • Forensic accounting firms
  • Government agencies
  • Small private offices

Register for Our Associate Degree in Accounting Program

An associate degree in accounting from Lackawanna College is the quickest way to enter the working world of accounting and finance. Prospective students looking to break into these areas in a relatively short time can register for our associate’s degree program and be on the job in two years.

We invite you to apply to Lackawanna College now using our inquiry form and indicate your interest in our associate accounting degree program. Let this be the first step on your journey toward the career you have always wanted.


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