Writing Center for Student Assistance | Lackawanna College

Writing Center

Writing Center Mission: to serve all members of the Lackawanna College community through the use of individualized collaboration with a focus on producing better writers rather than better writing.

How Do I Access the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is open from Monday through Friday for both in-person and virtual appointments. It is also open on Sunday evenings for virtual appointments only. To schedule an appointment, click on the scheduling button, sign up for an account, and select the appropriate schedule in the drop-down box. Then click on a blank white space next to the time that works best for you.

The Writing Center is located in Room 109 in Angeli Hall. You can contact the Writing Center Director at kiesendahlj@lackawanna.edu.

Why Should I Use the Writing Center?

Not to be mistaken for an editing service, the Writing Center staff has been trained to teach students to take ownership of their papers and to apply the skills taught in each session to not just one paper, but to all future papers. Using the minimalist approach, collaborators will teach students how to locate errors and provide them with the strategies to fix them while placing an emphasis on conceptual ideas and larger issues.

When Should I Use the Writing Center?

Because writing is a process and never a finished product, we encourage you to utilize the Writing Center for all courses whether you are struggling with writing or not.

our job is to produce better writers, not better writing. - Stephen North