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About The School Of Hospitality And Tourism

The Mary and Harry Kiesendahl School of Hospitality and Tourism offers associate degrees in Baking & Pastry, Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, and bachelor’s degrees in Restaurant and Food Service Management and Hospitality Management.

All programs provide comprehensive training to students who wish to pursue careers in fast-paced and creative industries as chefs, entrepreneurs, hotel and restaurant managers, or employees in spas, casinos, cruise ships, resorts, and more.

Students also have an amazing opportunity to be part of 409 on Adams, a student-run restaurant located right on campus! Under the guidance of chef instructors, students develop and execute both modern and classical food & beverage menus, manage inventories, measure staffing needs and sculpt front of the house skills needed to create exceptional guest experiences.

These rich and rewarding careers all start at Lackawanna College’s Kiesendahl School of Hospitality and Tourism! Take a few moments to learn a bit more about the degrees we offer as part of the school.

Baking & Pastry

Students can earn an associate degree in Baking & Pastry, which teaches the classical and contemporary techniques in the art of breads, pastries, cakes, chocolates and confections. They will understand the patisserie and know how nutrition and health factor into the items they engineer.

Aside from food science and safety, students earning a baking and pastry degree will also learn about the business and marketing aspects of the baking and pastry industry. These skills will be useful to anyone looking to succeed as an independent baker or restaurateur.

Culinary Arts

Meanwhile, an associate degree in Culinary Arts from the Kiesendahl School of Hospitality and Tourism teaches students the foundations of cooking. Students will learn global and American regional cuisines, classic and contemporary cooking techniques, managerial and organizational skills, food and beverage menu development, and so much more. All these skills will come together while working in the student-run restaurant.

Along with all the requisite food-preparation topics, students in this culinary degree will also learn the basics of the food business. Subjects covered include food service standards, human resources, customer service, branding, and financial and business management.

Hospitality Management

An associate degree in Hospitality Management is for those who want to work in the hotel and tourism industry and bring a guest-focused outlook to their work. Students in this degree program will learn the skills necessary to manage restaurants, hotels, resorts, and spas.

The vital skills learned in the Hospitality program encompass all the hard and soft skills necessary to manage and cultivate both employees and guests. Topics such as human resource management, guest relations, branding and marketing, and business management are a few examples of what students study.

Graduates of this program will enter the hospitality job market with the knowledge and competence to create exceptional experiences for each guest they encounter.

Restaurant And Food Service Management

The final programs in Lackawanna’s Kiesendahl School of Hospitality and Tourism are the bachelor’s degrees in Restaurant and Food Service Management and Hospitality Management.

The restaurant business is a competitive industry. Only the ones who are committed to employee wellness and exceptional guest experiences will succeed. Our bachelor programs teach students the principles of management and leadership necessary to build a profitable and successful enterprise. Strategies tackled in this program include leadership, revenue management, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

This degree will prepare graduates to secure jobs as restaurant managers, catering managers, hotel managers, event planners, sales managers, and entrepreneurs in the food industry.

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Students who enroll in the food service programs at Lackawanna College’s Kiesendahl School of Hospitality and Tourism will be set up to find challenging, dynamic, and rewarding jobs in the food and hospitality industry. From managing hotels and restaurants to running a food-based business to working as a professional chef, the opportunities are there for the taking.

Enroll in one of these programs today, or contact us now to learn more!

Students have a 100% job placement rate with employment gained just weeks after graduation at locations including: