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Culinary Arts

At A Glance

Two-year, 30-credit Associate Degree program with full accreditation!

Hands-on experience: knife skills, kitchen management, beverage service management, baking & pastry, food-service handling and more!
Prepares graduates for rewarding careers in food service, including: restaurant ownership/management, banquet chef, private chef, nutritionist, retail store manager and more!
Employment for chefs and head cooks will increase 25% in the next 10 years!

Welcome To Culinary Arts

Many of us enjoy cooking and experimenting with new styles and flavors. But for most of us, preparing meals is a part of daily life. If you have amazing kitchen skills and a passion for cooking, you can do so much more with your talents.

Love cooking? Lackawanna College’s Culinary Arts associate degree program can help you realize your dream of a career in the hospitality industry.

Interested in a Culinary Arts career? Learn more about how a Culinary Arts associate degree from Lackawanna College gets you there.

Your Career Starts Here

There are many cooking careers available, no matter what your cooking interests and skills are. Culinary Arts students can go on to cooking careers in restaurants, as banquet chefs, personal chefs and more. Culinary arts careers aren’t limited to positions doing hands-on work in the kitchen. You can take your career further and explore all the different options available in the culinary arts field. There are plenty of career opportunities for students who are more interested in working in the business side of culinary arts, such as:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Service Relations
  • Strategic Branding and Business Management
  • Food and Beverage Financial Management
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The Learning Experience

Lackawanna College associate degree in Culinary Arts offers a well-rounded education with the most in-demand skills for this field. Students learn a variety of cooking topics and techniques, including Beverage Management, Baking Techniques, Culinary Concepts of the Mediterranean, and American Regional Cooking Studies. This two-year program covers the hospitality aspects of working in the food industry. Some students may choose to further their education after earning their associate degree.

With Lackawanna College’s Culinary Arts curriculum, students will:

Prepare for a career in the culinary industry by developing a working knowledge of the professional kitchen.

Demonstrate mastery of classical knife skills and cooking techniques.

To be successful in a culinary business role, you will need human resource management skills, excellent customer service relations, strategic branding and business management and food and beverage financial management.

Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to comply with food service sanitation and service standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
Employ beverage knowledge, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to construct menus and recipes in a professional foodservice establishment.

Emerge as an agent of change in the culinary industry armed with a working knowledge of sustainability, equipped to enhance and nourish the social, environmental and economic forces within the culinary field.

The Curriculum

Students looking to pursue a career in culinary arts will need to hone their skills in various cooking methods and styles. Our curriculum also includes courses that will teach students other skills needed to work in culinary arts, such as courses that cover topics like nutrition and food safety. In this program, students will be ready to work in any kitchen environment they choose.

Some of the courses included in this curriculum are:

  • Beverage Service Management
  • Meat and Seafood Identification
  • Baking and Pastry Skills
  • Cuisines of the World

Where Is The Culinary Arts Program Available?

The Lackawanna College Culinary Arts Associate Degree program is available at the main campus in Scranton.