The Benefits of Pursuing an IT Certification Program


Supercharge Your Career: The Benefits of Pursuing an IT Certification Program

Benefits of Pursuing an IT Certification Program

See if this describes you: you are fascinated by computers and technology and always like to stay updated on the latest advances. Maybe your friends and family come to you for help with their computers and devices because you’re a “tech person.” Can you see yourself working with computers and technology for a living? If the answer is yes, you might consider a career in information technology. Read on for more about how to become an IT technician.

What is Information Technology (IT)?

Information Technology (IT) is a field centered around networked computer technology for creating, storing, and transferring information. Information technology technician are essential in various industries, aiding in problem-solving through computer-based solutions.

Core Aspects:

  • Encompasses the generation, retention, and exchange of data utilizing computer systems.
  • Aims to address challenges reliant on information processing using computerized methods.
  • IT specialists are integral across healthcare, hospitality, defense, and education.

Variety of IT Career Paths:

  • A diverse array of roles and trajectories within the IT domain.
  • Positions range from network and database design to cybersecurity and helpdesk support.
  • Information management technician roles focus on utilizing computers for administrative scenarios. 

What is the career outlook for IT?

Most information technology specializations are projected to grow between 4% (average) and a whopping 33%, meaning we can expect to see a healthy hiring pattern in IT roles for the foreseeable future.

What is the average information technology technician salary?

It can be hard to generalize about information technology technician salaries since such a wide range of available roles and training expectations exist. Network Support Technicians and Jr. System Administrators can expect to earn around $63,460 a year and up to $106,420 for advanced technicians. Database specialists start at around $73,000 annually and earn up to $88,000 annually. Computer support specialists in IT often start at around $34,000 per year, but the median annual salary is more like $57,910, and experienced professionals can earn $80,000 a year or more.

Bottom line? Mileage varies by specialty, so choose one that fits your unique personality and skillset and allows you to earn a salary to support your chosen lifestyle. 

How can I train for an IT career? 

Whatever your specialty, an investment in a reputable IT certificate program will put you on the right career track. And whether you are just starting or changing careers, don’t overlook Lackawanna College as you look at IT certifications programs. It offers several distinct certificate-earning programs within the IT career track:

Whatever your career aim, Lackawanna College has a certificate program to help you get there. 

If you are considering an IT certifications programs or would like to discuss your options, the helpful admissions professionals in the Lackawanna College admissions office are here. The application process is quick and easy, and Lackawanna even offers a personalized education plan tool. Contact Lackawanna today. Your dream career in IT awaits.