School of Petroleum & Natural Gas | Lackawanna College


School of Petroleum & Natural Gas prepares students for in-demand jobs

Looking to get into a career in the energy sector? Want to get an education at an institution whose graduates are in demand? If so, Lackawanna College’s School of Petroleum & Natural Gas can help you achieve your goal.

With about 50% of current energy sector employees set to retire in the next five to seven years, major oil and gas employers are eager to hire Lackawanna graduates. Students often receive job offers before graduating and head right into their careers after leaving Lackawanna. Entry-level graduates can earn as much as $61,000 a year.

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 16 to 1, students get individualized attention. They also learn in high-quality lab facilities and work directly with equipment to get hands-on experience. Ninety percent of students receive some form of financial aid. Industry-supported scholarships for eligible students also reduce tuition costs.

The School offers several different educational paths for students interested in the oil and natural gas field.

Lackawanna’s associate degree in Petroleum & Natural Gas Business Administration prepares students for future roles in administration, finance or marketing within the field.

The Petroleum & Natural Gas Technology associate degree prepares students to take on jobs as lease operators, field technicians and operations technicians.

Lackawanna also offers certificates in Petroleum & Natural Gas Technician and Petroleum & Natural Gas Compressor/Engine Mechanic, for those who already have a bachelor’s degree and need training.

Before graduating, students get real-world experience through internships with major oil and gas companies.

The School of Petroleum & Natural Gas is housed at Lackawanna College’s Tunkhannock Center. Visit the School’s webpage to learn more and apply today to start your new career.