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Freshman Scholarships

Freshman Scholarships

Academic Achievement Scholarship

The Lackawanna College Academic Achievement Scholarship is available to any student entering Lackawanna College who has either:

  • 1100 or more on the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math sections on the SAT or
  • 22 or more composite score on the ACT.

Betty and Jim Welby Memorial Scholarship

The Betty and Jim Welby Memorial Scholarship was established by family and friends in 2011. James Welby, a 1947 graduate of Lackawanna College had a successful career with the United States Postal Service and took great pride in community involvement. He continued with his education at the University of Scranton and received a Bachelor’s Degree. Betty Welby was a long-time member, volunteer, and employee of St. Ann’s Basilica Parish in West Scranton. Mr. & Mrs. Welby were survived by 13 children. This scholarship is awarded to a deserving full-time freshman in financial need. Preference will be given to a member of Scranton’s St. Ann’s Basilica Parish or a graduate of West Scranton High School.

James F. Swift Scholarship of the Scranton Area Foundation

“The Scranton Area Foundation has established the James F. Swift Scholarship to assist students from Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania high schools, who plan to continue their education in a college or university program. Renewable scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution, preferably one of the Lackawanna County schools, of the student’s choice.”

Lackawanna College Family Scholarship

The Lackawanna College Family Scholarship is awarded annually to a first semester freshman from Pennsylvania with significant family financial need. Applicants must have an annual adjusted gross income of $35,000 or less to be eligible. All potential candidates must file their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before the April 30 deadline to be considered.

Jane MacKenzie Scholarship

The Jane MacKenzie Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded in honor of Jane MacKenzie, an alumnus of Lackawanna Business College and benefactor of Lackawanna College. Jane also spent many years serving as the business manager of the Century Club, which established this scholarship in her memory. This scholarship is designed to promote Business Education, assist the selected student with college expenses, and encourage high academic achievement.

Nancy McSweeney Pink Scholarship

The Nancy McSweeney Pink Scholarship shall be distributed per academic year to a deserving full-time freshman. The scholarship was founded by Brenda Gael McSweeney, PhD., who served as the College’s 2007 Commencement Speaker. The scholarship is named in honor of her sister, Nancy, an educator whose own college education began in a two-year private college comparable to Lackawanna College. Recognizing the importance of accessibility and affordability that private, two-year colleges provide, Dr. McSweeney created this scholarship as a tribute to the positive impact that Nancy’s alma mater provided in her undergraduate education. The scholarship is a stipend to be used for educational costs at the student’s discretion, such as books, computer equipment or supplies.

Download the Nancy McSweeney Pink Scholarship application

OurDash Scholarship

The OurDash Scholarship will support students from the Scranton School District in their pursuit of education in accordance with certain eligibility criteria. The scholarship aims to support students who demonstrate a significant improvement in their high school record. In this way, it seeks to serve as an incentive and reward for high standards of academic performance.

The award shall be distributed to two first-year students who have shown a substantial academic improvement, as reflected by their GPA, within the frame of 9th to 12th grade. One student will be chosen from West Scranton High School, the other from Scranton High School. Each scholarship award will total $3,500 dollars, distributed in two annual installments during the student’s first academic year at Lackawanna. Applicants for the scholarship must submit an essay or personal statement that elaborates on the potential impact of education of this scholarship in their lives.

Application deadline is April 30.

Download the OurDash Scholarship application (PDF)

Scranton Central High School Scholarship

The Scranton Central High School Scholarship was established in 1993 under the sales agreement for the purchase of the Central High School building from the Scranton School District. This Lackawanna College sponsored scholarship is awarded annually to two incoming freshman from Scranton High School and two incoming freshman from West Scranton High School.

Download the Scranton Central High School Scholarship application

Level Up Incentive Scholarship

The Level Up Incentive Scholarship is based on the amount of tuition you paid out-of-pocket as a Level Up student, up to $6200. Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:

  • The student must complete a FAFSA by May 1 prior to enrollment, and each year after.
  • The student must enroll in a Lackawanna College program by the Spring semester following high school graduation to receive the scholarship (2024 graduate must enroll at LC by Spring 2025).
  • The total amount of the award will be divided over four academic semesters (up to $1550/semester), unless an alternate payment schedule is approved by the Pre-College Program Director .
  • The student must have no outstanding balance of tuition or fees incurred during Level Up enrollment.
  • The scholarship will be applied in Fall and Spring semesters. The student is responsible for any tuition costs incurred during Summer terms or Intersession.
  • The student must maintain a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for the scholarship.
  • This award covers tuition costs only. Fees, books, and other costs are the responsibility of the student. The College will not make direct cash payments to the scholarship recipients.
  • The amount of the scholarship may be limited to the amount of tuition, fees, and books not covered by grant aid or other scholarship funds.

    Speak with Financial Services or Pre-College programs for further details.

Dual Enrollment Scholarship

Double your dollars!

Students who participated in dual enrollment classes at Lackawanna College can double their college investment through a unique scholarship offer.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say that you invested $1,200 into dual enrollment credits at Lackawanna.

If you enroll full-time for the Fall Semester, immediately after high school, we’ll award you a $1,200 scholarship per year for up to two years.

Bachelor’s students can earn even more when they commit to a higher degree program.

Contact Melissa Michel at (570) 702-1587 or for more information.

Student must complete the annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at to be awarded an institutional grant or scholarship.