Fellowships | Lackawanna College



Lackawanna College’s fellowship program offers several elite positions in the College community to any students who has earned an associate degree from an accredited institution of higher education who return for their bachelor’s degree.

The Fellowship program is an appointment provided to a high-achieving student enrolled in one of the College’s bachelor degree programs. Fellows work alongside staff and faculty in entry-level management roles to gain hands-on experience in a number of fields and disciplines. Fellows receive a $3,000 scholarship each semester. Students are eligible to return and participate for up to four semesters.

Fellowships are available in a variety of administrative, student centered or academic program departments or in one of our experiential learning businesses embedded in academic curriculum . Availability of positions in specific departments varies each semester.

Students who are interested in learning fellowship program should reach out via email to fellowships@lackawanna.edu to discuss the Fellowship Program and the process.