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How to Get a Job after College

You just graduated from college! Now what? Your calendar is free of assignments, tests, and projects, and you wonder what is next in this walk of life. Be warned; there will be pressure after you graduate to shift to other people’s versions of “adulthood.” Many will tell you that life after college comes with much anxiety. However, […]

Advantages to Getting a Medical Assisting Certification

There’s always a need for workers in the healthcare industry, especially medical assistants. It’s a field that has been growing and is projected to grow more rapidly than most industries in the next decade. The great thing about a lot of jobs in the healthcare industry is that they don’t require a bachelor’s degree to get […]

Finding and Applying for Scholarships

Covering the cost of tuition is something that’s on every college student’s mind. Even when your college offers financial aid to nearly 95% of students — like Lackawanna College does — you may want to fill the gaps with outside money. Scholarships for college can help. College scholarships allow incoming students to potentially lessen their financial outlay. Almost […]

High School Seniors: How to Prepare for College

Congratulations! You’re about to make the jump from high school to higher education. It’s an exciting time of life but one that requires a bit of planning. Below are some of the most helpful tips on preparing for college the right way. Follow these suggestions for the smoothest possible transition.  Make an Informed Choice Just because you […]

Five Ways to Prepare for Culinary School

Many of us love to dream up new and exciting dishes. With a Culinary Arts associate degree from Lackawanna College, that dream will transform into a fulfilling career! Our program emphasizes the skills and knowledge a working leader in the food industry needs to know. Our courses cover important topics, such as cooking techniques, nutrition, food safety […]