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Benefits of Going to Culinary School

The art of preparing food has become wildly popular. Thanks to the increasing popularity of cooking shows, many people want to become chefs and bakers. In fact, there hasn’t been a more ideal time to attend a culinary school!

The Benefits of Culinary School

This blog will dive into just a few of the reasons that culinary schools are seeing an increase in student applications. If you love cooking and see yourself working in the food and hospitality industry, this blog is for you. Here are some of the most notable benefits of culinary school.

1. Culinary experts are in high demand.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, head chef and cook jobs will increase by 25% between now and 2030. (1) That’s a serious amount of demand that you can bank on. Not only will you be more likely to make a decent living quickly, but you will likely have chances for promotion as well.

2. Culinary schools offer degrees that will set you apart.

Often, people think the best way to move up the ladder in the food industry is to just start working. While there’s nothing wrong with getting hands-on experience, earning an associate degree from a culinary school will differentiate you from other job applicants. Plus, you’ll understand more sophisticated techniques thanks to your education.

3. Culinary schools teach more than just cooking skills.

Think all you’ll learn when you go to culinary school is how to slice, dice, sauté and fry? Think again. You’ll learn a variety of important subjects including food safety, culinary management, nutrition and much more. This will help you step into jobs as a more well-rounded culinary craftsperson because it provides both theoretical and practical background.

4. It doesn’t take long to get a culinary arts degree.

How long is culinary school going to take? It’s a common question. You’ll like the answer, especially if you’re ready to get started as a sous chef, cook or baker quickly. An associate degree takes just two years. During that time, you’ll get all the foundational knowledge you need to feel confident in any kitchen situation.

5. You can go to culinary school at any age.

Culinary schools aren’t just for Generation Z students. They’re for anyone who has a passion and wants to explore the culinary arts. Whether you’re 18 or 81, you can find the right accredited program to fit your needs.

6. Culinary school can help you as an entrepreneur.

Maybe you want to open your own restaurant someday. Perhaps you have goals of becoming a franchisee. Either way, going to culinary school will provide you with the basic tools to manage an eatery and run a business. For instance, you might want to take niche classes like strategic branding and business management or food and beverage financial management.

7. You can become a creator and innovator in healthy eating.

So many consumers are eager to figure out how to eat healthier. As a culinary expert, you can train to be at the forefront of the healthy, sustainable living movement. Who knows? You might even end up taking your culinary expertise internationally as a social media influencer or network star.

8. A culinary degree can set you up for occupational flexibility.

When asked, 95% of working professionals want to have flexible schedules. (2) Depending upon the type of work you do, you may be able to choose your preferred hours as a culinary expert, too. For example, you might want to stay home with your kids during the day and structure your cooking duties so you work in the evenings.

Choosing the Right Culinary School

Ready to start exploring culinary arts schools? Check out Lackawanna College’s culinary programs in Scranton and Sunbury and fill out an inquiry form to begin the admissions process.

In no time, you could be one of the many students discovering the value of culinary arts training!