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5 Tips to Get into the Foodservice Industry

Do you love the thrill of a busy workday? Do you consider yourself a master communicator and a natural leader? Maybe you are the creative type who loves to do things like putting together a menu. If any of these ideas ring true to you, you might be interested in Lackawanna College’s Culinary Arts degree!

Working in the Foodservice Industry

Working in the foodservice industry is often difficult. It is also often rewarding and fun, and it helps you build lifelong friendships. There are so many relevant skills when it comes to the foodservice industry that it might be hard to know where to begin, but that also means that you have a plethora of options.

For many, management is the end goal. To be a successful foodservice industry manager, you will need to know the ins and outs of the restaurant business. The Culinary Arts associate degree provides a well-rounded education that gives you the most in-demand skills such as customer service relations as well as strategic branding and service management.  

Foodservice Industry Management 

If you are interested in a management role, you will likely be tasked with the development of food industry standards and practices. What this means is that you will work closely with owners, executive chefs, waiters, prep cooks, and dishwashers. You will be tasked with making sure that everything in the restaurant runs smoothly, from scheduling your bussers to overseeing the Friday night rush. Your team will look to you when things get tough, and it will be your job to know how to get the best out of all your employees when the restaurant is packed and the tickets are lining up.

The number of skills needed to work in the foodservice industry is almost too many to count. As the leader of your team, you will need to possess a great many of them. But you must get your start somewhere. Here are five useful tips for entering the food and beverage service industry.

Tips for Getting into the Foodservice Industry

Seek out certifications

There are so many foodservice industry examples, but most likely, a restaurant will be looking for a manager who has gone through some form of certification. The two most common certifications are the ServSafe certification and the CFSP (certified food safety professional) certification. If you can get a management job in the foodservice industry and do not have one of these certifications, you will likely be required to get one.

Gain some work experience

The food and beverage service industry is known for its tough workers. Hours are long, and the job is stressful. You will want to have some experience in the industry before seeking a management position. The Culinary Arts program offers you the proper training on all aspects of kitchen operations – classic knife skills, baking techniques, human resource management expertise, and more.

Lackawanna College also is the home of 409 on Adams, the student-run restaurant at the Kiesendahl School of Hospitality. Get experience while getting your degree by working with chef instructors to prepare menus, manage inventory and create exceptional guest experiences!

Have a rough idea of your career path

It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to get a job as a pizza chef if you ultimately want to become a bar manager. Granted, sometimes you have to jump through some hoops in the food and beverage service industry, but if you have an idea of what you’re looking to do, you can streamline the process. Restaurants generally prefer to hire people who have a strong idea of what they want and a plan, and the Culinary Arts program can provide guidance on how they will put their plan in motion.

Be knowledgeable about all aspects of the food and beverage service industry

Yes, knowing your career path is a positive, but you will also want to know everything that is going on in the restaurant. For example, the work that a waiter does is much different from the work that a cook does. Whether you gain this knowledge through working in different positions or just through being around other people working in different roles, knowing the ins and outs of a restaurant will greatly help you in your goal of foodservice industry management. 

Go to school

Schools offer programs that can help you get your foot in the door and give you all the skills you would need for a career in the food and beverage service industry. 

If you are ready to get cooking in the food and beverage service industry check out the Lackawanna College Culinary Arts associate degree! For more information on the degree’s curriculum contact us today.