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Spastello: Lackawanna College Venture Lab Impact Story

Spastello launches new skincare products and increases online sales.

“The Venture Lab has helped me focus my intentions into Spastello with knowledgeable guidance and plenty of like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas with.”— Courtney Costello, Founder of Spastello

About Spastello

Entrepreneur Courtney Costello worked with the Lackawanna College Venture Lab to launch Spastello, a company that sells homemade natural skincare products to women who want to avoid the harsh chemicals found in the most popular beauty solutions offered at big box stores. The firm currently offers a coconut rum body scrub and a mint Body scrub on Etsy.

Founder Story

Courtney Costello, the founder of Spastello, is a junior at Lackawanna College pursuing a degree in business. She became interested in cosmetics in high school when she began to research the science behind taking good care of her own skin. Courtney developed a number of organic skincare products that she shared with friends and family. With Spastello, Courtney now offers these products to a wider audience. She also has an opportunity to apply the lessons she is learning in class to her own business operations.

At the Lab

At the Venture Lab, Courtney met with business advisors to discuss branding, sales, and packaging solutions. The lab also assisted with industry research and product promotion. These activities refined her understanding of Spastello’s market position and branding strategy, increased sales, and provided early adopter feedback.

What’s Next?

Courtney continues to work with the Venture Lab to explore her market. In the coming year, she hopes to zero in on her core customer market, launch new product offerings, and improve sales through new distribution partners and relationships with social media influencers.

Take the Next Step

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