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Beginner BeeKeeping

If you’re a new beekeeper, the best way to start is with a beginner beekeeping course! The Lackawanna College Environmental Center’s Beekeeping Certificate Program is the beginning of an intensive multi-level program designed to provide you with a deep understanding of honey bees and beekeeping. Through this program you’ll learn what it takes to be a successful beekeeper. You’ll gain scientific knowledge of the honeybee and learn practical skills that will prepare you to manage honey bee colonies for maximum bee health.

Through this program, you will learn about honey bee biology, rules and regulations, beekeeping equipment, steps to start a colony, applied care and environmental challenges.

After completing our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program, you will earn a Beginner Beekeeping certificate and will be prepared to take the Intermediate Beekeeping Certificate program.

Why Enroll in Our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate Program?

The Lackawanna College Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program is designed to support both new and seasoned beekeepers through an entire apiary year. Beekeeping can be challenging, and our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program combines relevant, scientific and real-world knowledge to help you develop confidence in your ability to keep bees.

You will learn from instructors and mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise through classes and with individual beekeepers. Through this program you will gain a solid base of information on honey bee colony management and an expanded knowledge and understanding of bees and their stewardship.

You will begin your journey as a beekeeper with an accredited institution that is committed to keeping higher education accessible and affordable. Our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program is made for people just like you!

At Lackawanna College, we offer some of the most affordable courses in northeastern Pennsylvania.Tuition for the Beginner Beekeeping program is $250, excluding textbook cost.

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

What’s Involved in Our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate Program?

The Beginner Beekeeping Program runs every Thursday from March 26 to May 28, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Courses in the Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program include:

  • History of Beekeeping
  • Honey Bee Biology
  • Behavioural Aspects of Honeybees
  • Apiary Equipment and Installation
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Pollinators and Their Benefits
  • Hive Check and Applied Care

This program supports a beekeeper’s preparation for the Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) of North America’s nationally recognized Master Beekeeping certification process. The EAS Master Beekeepers Program has existed for many years as a level of beekeeping expertise certified through the rigorous testing established and maintained through the Eastern Apiculture Society. The Master Beekeepers work together to support the educational arm of the EAS

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