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Beginner Beekeeping

At A Glance

Learn the basics of beekeeping with this certificate program and take it to the next level with an intermediate program.
Begin this job as a hobbyist making $29,000 per year and blossom into a master beekeeper making $73,060 per year.
Students can complete this three-month program during the evening
Start with this program and work your way to becoming an entrepreneur selling delicious honey locally

Welcome to Beginning Beekeeping-Certificate Program

Loving nature has always been a part of you and becoming a beekeeper to help spread nature’s beauty through pollination can make this passion a career. The best way to start for an aspiring beekeeper is with the Beginning Beekeeping Certificate Course.

The Lackawanna College Environmental Center’s Beekeeping Certificate is the beginning of an intensive multi-level program designed to provide you with a deep understanding of honey bees and beekeeping. Through this program you’ll learn what it takes to blossom into a successful beekeeper!

Your Career Starts Here

Beekeeping continues to grow through the years, and increased 5.3% over the previous decade. The demand continues to be steady and job security is high due to the hands-on nature of beekeeping.

The median average wage of a master beekeeper is $73,060 per year, making $35 per hour.

At Lackawanna College, you can grow this passion from a hobby into a career with this multi-level certificate. Completing this beginner certificate can lead you into the intermediate level

Jobs in this field can range from urban beekeepers to beekeeper farmers with a wide range of locations.

More About the Program

The Lackawanna College Beginner Beekeeping Certificate is designed to support both new and seasoned beekeepers. Beekeeping can be challenging, and our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate combines relevant, scientific and real-world knowledge to help you develop your ability to keep bees.

You’ll gain scientific knowledge of the honey bee and learn practical skills that will prepare you to manage honey bee colonies for maximum bee health. Receive hands-on experience about honey bee biology, beekeeping equipment, steps to starting a colony, applied hive care and environmental challenges.

The Beginner Beekeeping Program runs every Thursday from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

After completing our Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program, you will earn a Beginner Beekeeping certificate and prepared to take the Intermediate Beekeeping Certificate program.

This program supports a beekeeper’s preparation for the Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS) of North America’s nationally recognized Master Beekeeping certification process. The EAS Master Beekeepers Program has existed for many years as a level of beekeeping expertise certified through the rigorous testing established and maintained through the Eastern Apiculture Society. The Master Beekeepers work together to support the educational arm of the EAS.

At Lackawanna College, we offer some of the most affordable courses in northeastern Pennsylvania. Tuition for the Beginner Beekeeping program is $250, excluding textbook cost.

The Course Work

Courses in the Beginner Beekeeping Certificate program include:

  • History of Beekeeping
  • Honey Bee Biology
  • Behavioral Aspects of Honey bees
  • Apiary Equipment and Installation
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Environmental Challenges
  • Pollinators and Their Benefits
  • Hive Check and Applied Care