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4 Careers You Can Have with a Human Services Degree

Having a human service degree can open a lot of doors for you. It can open a lot of doors in a lot of different industries. That’s one of the perks, one of the reasons to be excited about pursuing a career in human services. 

What exactly are human services? Well, it’s as open-ended as it sounds. Human services refer to an umbrella of jobs that specifically relate to helping other people. These are jobs in high demand across many industries. You might find yourself running a daycare program or working in the State Department.
If you want a job that allows flexibility and the chance to interact with people all day, it might be time for you to consider taking a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Here, we will go over four possible careers with a human service degree.

Public Policy Consultant

Do you have a drive and a desire to change your community or make a difference in your state? Then becoming a public policy consultant might be just the job for you. Before you get this gig, you will likely need a master’s degree and experience in government social work jobs. That is because, as a public policy consultant, you will help policymakers to be informed regarding human service issues. On top of that, you will work with many people to brainstorm ideas and figure out how to convince the public to take your ideas seriously.

This is an important role to fill, and it will keep you busy. Public policy consultants must be up to date on old laws, new laws, and the machinations of the legislative machine. Aside from coming up with ideas, you will also work closely with marketers to create campaigns to get your ideas out to the masses. 
If this doesn’t interest you, you could consider a career as a community manager or a social worker. 

Social Worker

Speaking of which, why not consider a career as a social worker? If you’re aiming for high paying jobs with Bachelors Degree in Human Services, this might be the one for you. It is a job that will allow you to meet many people and help the people of your community. As a social worker, you will identify groups of people or individuals who need assistance and then take the proper measures to ensure those needs are met.

This can be hard work and, at times, emotionally difficult. But even though the job is highly demanding, it is equally rewarding. You will be responsible for helping people who are in need and communities to thrive.

Social and Human Service Assistant

Maybe you aren’t quite sure if human services are for you, and you are still debating whether you should take the time and spend the money to go to school for a human service degree. If that is the case, you will be looking for entry level human services jobs. A great example of a job you can get after taking up an Associate Degree Program in Human Services is that of a human service assistant.

This is an excellent job if you are trying to gauge your interest in the field. Here, you will be helping human service workers throughout their day with any little odds and ends they may need.

As wide-ranging as the human services field is, so is this job. You might be helping a policy coordinator, or you might be helping a social worker. You’ll get an excellent grasp of the field and can better decide whether you want to pursue that degree. 


This job requires more than a human services degree, but if you have a strong interest in psychology and helping others, this could be an excellent job for you. Being a therapist can be a well-paying job that is both difficult and rewarding. It also offers tremendous flexibility as you generally make work your own hours.

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