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Transferring to Lackawanna

All Keystone Students Receive 100% Credit Transfer At The Same Tuition Rate

Why Transfer to Lackawanna College?

Lackawanna College is an open-enrollment school whose mission is to provide affordable and high-quality education to all those who seek to improve their lives.

Whether our students attend classes on campus or remotely, they receive the personal care and attention of their professors to ensure their success.

It's Simple to Transfer to Lackawanna

To help you transfer to Lackawanna College quickly and easily, submit the following transfer admission requirements:

  • Submit your online transfer application
  • Official College Transcript(s) from all schools attended
  • Official High School Transcript indicating your graduation date or High School Equivalency certification
  • For financial aid consideration, include Lackawanna College (school code 003283) on your FAFSA

Get Your Transfer Started Today

Speak with an Enrollment Counselor to learn more about how we can help you transfer.