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Pilgers’ Pastries: Lackawanna College Venture Lab Impact Story

Pilgers Pastries Impact Story

Pilgers’ Pastries to bring sweet, fresh-baked goods to downtown Scranton.

“There was a time when I was ready to throw in the towel on Pilgers’ Pastries because I kept hitting roadblocks. The Venture Lab was there to get me motivated and provide the support I needed to keep going.” Tamara Pilger

About Pilgers’ Pastries

Pilgers’ Pastries is a bakery in the start-up phase that’s planning to make a sweet start in downtown Scranton. The bakery will serve a wide selection of fresh-baked goods including macarons, cakes, mini cheesecakes and coffee. Pilgers’ Pastries is expected to launch with a Grand Opening event in April. The bakery is currently taking orders which are available for pickup or delivery. Customers can place orders on Facebook or Instagram.

Founder Story

The COVID -19 pandemic took a toll on Tamara Pilger’s stained glass business in downtown Scranton. Tamara navigated the challenges of the pandemic at her small business for four months and then was forced to close for good. After shuttering her doors, she turned to her passion for cooking and made the decision to open a bakery. She enrolled in an online culinary school for pastry arts where she graduated with honors.

At the Lab

The Venture Lab has helped Tamara complete her business plan and financials, funded the launch of a website, designed and developed a logo and linked her with business connections and resources at Lackawanna College.

What’s Next?

Tamara is working closely with the support of the Venture Lab to prepare for the launch of Pilgers’ Pastries. She expects to complete renovations on the bakery soon so she can host her grand opening and be ready to serve sweet treats to customers in downtown Scranton.

Take the Next Step

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