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NO-U-TURN, Inc.: Lackawanna College Venture Lab Impact Story

No U Turn Inc. Impact Story

NO-U-TURN, Inc. Is a nonprofit with a mission to help people gain life skills after receiving treatment for addiction.

It has been almost a year since I connected with the Lackawanna College Venture Lab and they have far supassed the business plan writing that I reached out to them for help with. I could not have gotten to where I am today without them. The Venture Lab has been so supportive and helpful to me… I cannot thank the Venture Lab enough! — Melanie Knox


Born out of the real-life experience of its founder, who had a difficult time finding support for a family member struggling with addiction, NO-U-TURN seeks to build a unique set of support services and programs using a community-based approach to recover. NO-U-TURN incorporates social media support groups with approved members to encourage positive life changes.

NO-U-TURN seeks to operate a transitional housing program with life skills training, community gardening, horse therapy, job shadowing & mentoring. This benefits those in need of a change from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

NO-U-TURN’s primary goals are to:
1. Increase the number of individuals recovering from an addiction who successfully transition to independence and avoid recidivism.
2. Improve life skills and job readiness.
3. Engage individuals in achieving the goal to be the most independent as possible.

Founder Story

Founder Melanie Knox was inspired to create NO-U-TURN from her struggle to find support for her son who was struggling with addiction. Every day that Melanie traveled to work she passed a vacant building. In this building, she imagined a home where men like her son would be able to find support & training to overcome their obstacles and be successful in recovery. One day, Melanie divulged her vision to a coworker who gave her the help and the push she needed to start NO-U-TURN.

At the Lab

Malanie was connected to the Lackawanna College Venture Lab in her search to find assistance with writing a comprehensive business plan. The venture lab helped her write the business plan, establish a social media presence, host online events, and fundraise.

What’s Next?

Malanie wants to keep moving forward with promoting NO-U-TURN and fundraising with hopes of building the home and recovery program that she envisioned.

Take the Next Step

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