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Level Up Video Transcript

Level up is definitely a game changer for high school students. This program allows our kids to dream a lot bigger.

There’s as many reasons that students are in the level program as there are students who participate. This is a huge first step and valuable first step to build a partnership between two great institutions.

It seemed like a really great opportunity to get a jump start on the college credits and it seemed like it saved lots of time and money so we figured that it was a great opportunity to get on it.

To think of oh I can get my associate degree by the time I graduate high school is pretty awesome.

I have two older brothers and when I told them about it, they are already. like my one brother is in medical school and my other brother is in dental school. They’re like wow like you can get those credits done just do it. They were like just do it. Like it’s so worth it.

We’ve seen across the country with increases in tuition, massive increases in student debt and relatively low completion rates that these are issues that affect all of our students in Abington Heights and ones and issues that we’re trying to work with Lackawanna to try to address to sure again our kids are successful in college.

The cost of college now nowadays is astronomical, people don’t want to be paying off their debt for the rest of your life, so the affordability of the program is what it’s all about.

I’m pursuing my associate’s degree in business. It’s been great. The people are really nice. It’s a user-friendly experience. The online system is great. It’s super easy to navigate through.

I’ve been involved with classes such as Philosophy, Sociology, English. Just like your main general ed courses. But it’s working really well for me so far.