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Lackawanna College Awarded Funding for Suicide Prevention

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SCRANTON, Pa. – Jan. 25, 2021 – The Pennsylvania Higher Education Suicide Prevention Coalition has awarded Lackawanna College a mini-grant to launch “You Matter”, a student-led project that combines a visual suicide prevention campaign with a one-day suicide prevention event.

The grant will be used to install large-scale inspirational message decals and support an event for Lackawanna students, faculty and staff to provide education on suicide prevention. At the event, participants will write encouraging messages to support students who are struggling on a banner that will be displayed on campus.

The campaign, led by Lackawanna’s PRIDE student organization and supported by the Student Engagement and Student Wellness programs, will be launching a platform for creating an Active Minds chapter in fall 2021. Active Minds is a nonprofit organization that supports mental health awareness and education for students.

“Our PRIDE club students are so excited about this initiative because it reflects what PRIDE stands for in promoting peace, respect, inclusion, dignity, and equality with oneself,” said Christine Kiehart, Lackawanna College Associate Professor in Academic Development.

The project builds on the College’s current efforts to implement suicide prevention programming for students and trauma-informed care training for staff. Through the “You Matter” event, the college seeks to change campus culture by promoting positive self-esteem and encouraging conversation about suicide prevention and mental health.