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Introducing the Lackawanna College Venture Lab

Are you an entrepreneur or someone with a great idea for a new product or service? If so the Venture Lab at Lackawanna College is for you!

The Venture Lab helps entrepreneurs in the early stages of launching their microenterprise. But what’s that? A microenterprise is a business that operates on a smaller scale. The lab focuses on helping these types of businesses through consultation and networking with experts and peers.

The Venture Lab operates from the second floor boardroom of Angeli Hall as we continue to develop our own space at our Scranton campus. Lab hours may change between the fall and spring semester. So, please email us ahead of time to make the most of your visit to the Venture Lab or to schedule an appointment.

To stay in constant contact and help you launch your microenterprise the Venture Lab utilizes the Microsoft Teams platform. Teams is a great way for our experts and partners to stay up to date with you and your business no matter where you are. Need to get in touch with us? Email the Venture Lab at

The Venture Lab helps students apply the lessons they’ve learned in the classroom and gain hands-on experiences in the lab to prepare to launch their microenterprise. Our unique coworking space lets entrepreneurs work with faculty members and/or other aspiring business developers.  Who knows? One of your peers might have a great suggestion that really lets your idea take off.

We will continue to follow college policies and proper social distancing guidelines.

We are also proud to introduce our new fabrication center. The fabrication center will allow entrepreneurs to design and make 3D prints of their product ideas.

Our services allow students to work on their microenterprise while forming business plans and networking with industry contacts.

The Venture Lab is also dedicated to helping new businesses find funding for their dreams. Be sure to ask about our microloan program right away.

There are already several types of businesses using the Venture Lab to build their future success including a self-help organization, a health and beauty product manufacturer, and a computer design and repair group.

If you’re ready to see your business ideas come to life reach out to the Venture Lab team and schedule a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!