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At A Glance

Certificate program offered exclusively at our Lake Region Center in Hawley.

The program offers a convenient and fast way for students to get into this high demand field
Teaches students about food production, manufacturing, distribution, accounting, sales and financial management.
The agribusiness industry is expected to grow by 9% between now and 2030.

Welcome to Agribusiness Certificate Program

If you want to combine your love of farming with your excellent business mind, consider Lackawanna College’s Agribusiness Certificate program. Our certificate prepares students to hit the ground running after graduation by providing them with a background in farming and business. 

Your Career Starts Here

Agribusiness already has about 84,000 openings nationwide and demand is expected to continue to grow. The median average salary in agribusiness in 2021 was $73,060 per year or $35 an hour.

Students who graduate with an agribusiness certificate from Lackawanna College will be prepared for entry-level work as a clerical assistant, bookkeeper, retail sales associate, marketing assistant or farm assistant in an administrative or production capacity. Graduates can also become entrepreneurs and start their own agricultural business.

More About the Program

The agribusiness industry is one of the most vital sectors of the world economy, consisting of a complex network of people, organizations and processes that go into growing food and getting it to consumers.

Earning a certificate in agribusiness from Lackawanna College gives students exposure to both traditional business and agricultural-specific courses. The program teaches students about agribusiness operations, marketing and financial management and is a great way to break into this industry.

The Course Work

The different business and agribusiness classes students will take will touch on a variety of subjects that will prepare graduates for this field. Those classes include:

  • Farm Business Management
  • Farms Structure
  • Basic Farm Maintenance
  • Biological Pest Management
  • Soil Science
  • Sustainable Livestock Management
  • Organic Crop Production

Additional Information

The program is offered year-round. The fall program focuses on animal sciences and livestock management. The spring program starts late January and runs through early May. In the summer, the program starts in late May and runs through early August. Spring and summer programs focus on plant sciences and crop production.