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    Lackawanna College



    Lackawanna College’s mission is to provide a quality education to all persons who seek to improve their lives and better the communities in which they live.


    The College’s vision is to be the nationally recognized premier open-enrollment college of choice.

    Core values

    Lackawanna’s core values include a commitment to:

    • Remaining an affordable open-enrollment college which offers both associate and bachelor level degrees
    • Providing a rigorous, engaging, and transferable education that exceeds academic expectations for students at all learning levels
    • Ensuring excellent educational opportunities for students academically underprepared for college level work
    • Nurturing students’ sense of self-worth and capacity to make a difference.
    • Cultivating and maintaining active partnerships with our regional community, including other educational institutions, businesses, and non-profit agencies
    • Delivering high quality degree and non-degree programs that prepare students to succeed in the workforce

    Strategic plans