The Benefits of a Business Bachelor's Degree


The Benefits of a Business Bachelor’s Degree

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You know you want to get into the corporate or entrepreneurial world. Yet you need to figure out how to increase your business knowledge to appeal to future employers or partners and investors if you’re taking the founder route. The correct answer may be to improve your business education formally by attaining a business bachelor’s degree.

Earning a business bachelor’s degree will introduce you to the most essential concepts of the business world. These concepts include leadership and executive-level fundamentals, financial data interpretation, modern marketing approaches, global business practices and considerations, the latest business technologies, and more. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how business works and how you can navigate the complexities of the modern business world.

Honoring your business management skills and understanding can help you be more valuable, whether you’re an employee or an owner.

Advantages of a 4-Year Business Bachelor’s

You can command a higher starting salary. The median yearly salary for individuals with business bachelor’s degrees is around $76,570. Though you might not start with that salary, you have a far higher chance of being able to negotiate the best possible compensation and benefits for yourself if you have a degree. This can be very helpful, particularly if you’re entering a business with little experience. After getting the job, you can apply the business management skills you’ve learned to stand out for future raises, promotions, and lateral advancement possibilities.

You can expand your network while attending college. Having a network is critical if you’re hoping to advance in business. Not only will your time spent in a business bachelor’s degree program allow you to meet like-minded peers and instructors, but you may also meet other people through internships. The more individuals you know, the more opportunities you’ll likely hear about after enrolling. Plus, you never know if one of your fellow students might want to collaborate with you to start a company down the road!

You can take niche courses based on your interests and goals. While all business bachelor’s degrees have core courses you need to take, many offer flexibility regarding elective classes. Elective classes allow you to learn more about a specific business area, such as accounting, advertising, or IT. By customizing your degree curriculum and diving into business degree specializations, you can be sure to graduate with the business management skills you desire.

You can discover untapped talents. Because you’ll be learning about everything from business principles to management information systems, you’ll be exposed to many topics that might be new to you. It’s okay if you start to reconsider which business areas you want to work on. It’s common for a business bachelor’s degree student to gain a fresh perspective on a particular aspect of the business world. Who knows? You may have a budding talent you’d never have unearthed if you hadn’t gone to college!

You can shorten your time in school. Traditionally, business bachelor’s degrees—like all—are completed within four years. With that being said, some colleges, including Lackawanna College, make it possible for eager students to graduate sooner. Some of our business degree alums have chosen to attend classes over the summer and during other intersession periods. This means you may be able to graduate up to a year sooner and start on the path to a successful business career.

How to Know if It’s Time for a Business Bachelor’s Degree

Have you been thinking about business degrees for a while but need help narrowing yourself down to a field-specific certificate in a subject like Agribusiness or a two-year associate degree in business studies? Applying for a broader business bachelor’s degree could be the best match to launch you into the corporate world equipped with a diverse skill set.

If you want to learn more, contact the Lackawanna College Admissions and Financial Aid department. Our team members are skilled at working with aspiring students and can introduce you to our business-related degrees and other pathways to occupational satisfaction and success.