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Lackawanna College Center Highlights – Tunkhannock

Tunkhannock Center

The Lackawanna College Tunkhannock Center offers plenty of programs for incoming students, providing high-quality education for anyone located in Wyoming, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Bradford, Sullivan and Susquehanna counties.

One of the main draws to the Tunkhannock Center is its School of Petroleum and Natural Gas associate degree and certificate programs. Although the center offers programs such as business administration, criminal justice, human services and professional studies for students to receive the same quality education from our Scranton campus at the Tunkhannock Center.

The Human Services Associate Degree Program at the Tunkhannock Center helps students learn the skills they need to serve others and make a difference in people’s lives. The Human Services Program is designed to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to work with people in various helping relationships, through education in sociology, philosophy and psychology.

Another program offered at the Tunkhannock Center is the Business Administration Associate Degree, allowing students to elevate their skills to become a leader in the world of business. This program will teach students the fundamentals of business, while learning the many aspects of the local and international economy.

Both of these programs are part of Lackawanna College’s accelerated part-time program, allowing students to study part-time and still graduate in just over two years.

Prospective students can also study criminal justice for a solid understanding of the justice system and professional studies for those interested in writing. A Criminal Justice Associate Degree at the Tunkhannock Center will prepare students for careers as police officers, social workers, legal assistants and much more. A Professional Studies Associates Degree will teach students how to expand their creative reasoning skills through a liberal arts education.

The School of Petroleum and Natural Gas is located at the Tunkhannock Center for students wanting a career in the energy industry. The student-to-faculty ratio is 16 to 1, giving students individualized attention and hands-on experience in their education. The school offers several different education options for students to choose from in the world of PNG, such as an associate’s degree in Petroleum & Natural Gas Business Administration or Petroleum & Natural Gas Technology. Certificate programs Petroleum & Natural Gas Technician and Petroleum & Natural Gas Compressor/Engine Mechanic are also available for those who already completed a bachelor’s degree and require training.

Students who attend Lackawanna College’s Tunkhannock Center can earn their complete degree in Tunkhannock for many majors, or they can start in Tunkhannock and complete requirements at our Scranton campus. The Tunkhannock Center is located in the Tioga West Plaza on Business Route 6. Students have access to dedicated classroom space and computer labs.