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Lackawanna College Center Highlights – Towanda

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The Lackawanna College Towanda Center offers plenty of programs for incoming students, providing high-quality education for anyone located in Bradford and Sullivan counties. The center has many connections to local businesses and can help current employees grow with certificate programs.

The Towanda Center is the perfect place to build a career with numerous degree and certificate programs, such as business administration, medical assisting, professional studies, petroleum & natural gas business administration and criminal justice to name a few. All programs at the Towanda Center receive the same quality of education from our Scranton campus. The program the center is most known for is the phlebotomy technician certificate, a program dedicated to helping others.

A phlebotomist draws blood from patients for diagnostic, therapeutic or donation purposes and are responsible for preparing patients and obtaining high-quality specimens for transport to a lab. The phlebotomy technician certificate is a 200-hour class/lab training course, readying students to be health professionals. Once students complete their coursework, they will be placed in a clinical externship consisting of obtaining a minimum of 100 documented venipunctures and 10 dermal punctures in a clinical setting.

Another degree program of note at the Towanda Center is an associate degree in cybersecurity. The program will cover various computer science topics within the field of cybersecurity, allowing student to learn how to prevent major cybercrime threats and attacks. Cybersecurity at Towanda can be considered a computer science degree with an emphasis on security. The field is fast paced, and students receive an education preparing them to tackle the problems our online world faces every day.

A bachelor’s degree in business is a an extremely versatile program at the Towanda Center and can even take classes at Lackawanna’s main campus in Scranton. The business program has a diverse curriculum, teaching students skills like management, business law, accounting and more. Students will prepare for a career in business leadership by applying management techniques, interpreting financial data, analyze promotions and use technology to understand the global perspective on how business is conducted worldwide. Although the program is a four-year degree, students can take summer and intersession classes to earn their degree faster, making the program extremely flexible!

Students or professionals who attend the Towanda Center can expect to find a place of study only in the area of Towanda, Pennsylvania. Living away from Scranton’s main campus shouldn’t prevent students in NEPA from earning a degree. The Towanda Center fills a purpose of educating local students in Towanda and nearby areas to earn the degree they desire. The Towanda Center is located at 1024 South Main Street in Towanda, PA.