The Benefits of Pursuing a 3D Printing Certificate Program


Unlocking the Future of Manufacturing: The Benefits of Pursuing a 3D Printing Certificate Program

3D Printer

You have probably seen 3D printers work. You can print toys and gizmos with them and create models or prototypes. But have you ever considered 3D Printing as a career? This might be your career if you love technology and helping a digital process result in a physical object.

What Is 3D Printing?

Three-dimensional or 3D Printing is a technology for creating objects, usually in plastic, via a computer attached to a 3D printing machine. First, the operator downloads or creates a file in a modeling program on the computer and then instructs the 3D printing machine to print the object. It is also called additive manufacturing because it combines material to form a model. The printer heats the 3D printer filament and a plastic cord and uses the filament to build an object layer-by-layer.

To avoid printing flimsy, hollow objects, printers can use what is called 3D printing infill, which is a way to add density and strength by printing a certain amount of material inside the object. Sometimes, large or complex objects must be printed in multiple pieces. And though plastic is commonly used, some 3D printers use metal, ceramic, or foodstuffs like chocolate.

How Is 3D Printing Used in Different Fields?

There are only so many fields still untouched by 3D Printing. Here are just a few examples:

Medicine. The medical field can increase success in complex surgeries by scanning real organs and printing copies to train residents.

Product Design. There’s nothing quite like 3D prototyping of a new product to refine the design and demonstrate it to investors inexpensively.

Entertainment. Props and masks for shows or movies take time to sculpt and create in 3D, but 3D printers can speed up manufacturing and still deliver eye-popping results.

Automotive. Auto manufacturers like Volkswagen have experimented with 3D printers to design and create custom parts at significant savings.

What Does a 3D Printing Technician Do?

As 3D printing remains a relatively new technology, there is a growing demand in various fields for proficient 3D printing technicians. These professionals operate the 3D printers, perform 3D printer maintenance, and troubleshoot problems. They may also help design, test, and refine printed objects. A 3D printing technician needs a working knowledge of industry-standard 3D printing software and hardware and the ability to modify hardware for the project.

How Much Can You Earn From 3D Printing?

As a growing field that is expected to be worth over $41 billion in 2026, 3D Printing continues to see a rise in new job ads. A 3D printing technician can expect to start at around $30,000 annually and quickly grow to $55,000 or more as they gain experience.

What Can a 3D Printing Certificate Do for Your Career?

As specialized professionals, 3D printing technicians need cutting-edge training to be competitive in today’s job market. They will need to be able to show employers their facility with the software and hardware of today’s 3D printing landscape. A certificate in 3D Printing can be your ticket to the challenging, lucrative career of your dreams.

If a career in 3D printing appeals to you, check out Lackawanna College’s 3D printing certificate program. Designed in three stages, the program takes students through three levels in pursuit of 3D printing mastery:

Beginner: a one-week introduction to industry-standard hardware and software where students create an entry-level product.

Intermediate: a one-month exploration of 3D Printing, resulting in the design and production of their unique, custom product.

Advanced: a three-to-four-month deep dive into the field, resulting in advanced hardware modification and the creation of multiple printed pieces that fit together.

Gain a strong foundation in 3D printing education with exclusive access to Lackawanna’s cutting-edge computer lab and six state-of-the-art Creality3D CR-10 V2 3D printers. Schedule a meeting with an enrollment counselor to elevate your career prospects and explore educational options. Applying to Lackawanna College is a seamless and efficient process. Your transformative education awaits—apply now!