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The Benefits of Getting a Hospitality Degree

Everyone lucky enough to spend a vacation at a swanky resort undoubtedly has eyed the hospitality staff with a bit of envy. After all, what’s not to love about living full-time in paradise, meeting a surfeit of exciting people daily, and eating gourmet meals prepared by a professional staff right on the premises? And days off must be nothing short of adventurous: gorgeous beaches and the crashing waves just steps away, local food and music at the ready, unique cultures and welcoming people.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Degree in the Hospitality Industry?

How can you sign up for this? By earning a degree in the field of hospitality and then reaping the benefits of the hospitality industry. The hospitality field, which includes restaurant and food service management, baking and pastry arts, culinary arts, and general hospitality, has rapidly grown in the last several years. Lifestyles across the globe guarantee that this trend will likely continue to grow.

Is a Hospitality Management Degree Worth It?

The benefits of hospitality industry to those who choose this field for their careers are massive. However, the bonuses of this profession go far beyond those you see on the surface. Some of the best answers to the question “is hospitality management degree worth it?” are:

  • The hospitality industry attracts great employees. Because it’s a people-facing1 industry, hospitality tends to attract fun-loving people who embrace their jobs. 
  • Working in hospitality allows you to work worldwide, so if you like the idea of international travel, this industry could be for you.
  • Hotel management jobs provide daily variety, often requiring you to think on your feet. People looking for a desk job with a calendar full of Zoom meetings might not be cut out for the hospitality industry. On the other hand, maybe they don’t know what they’re missing. 
  • Hospitality management salary usually begins at around $50,0002 nationwide and averages about $75,000, although top chefs make far more than that. In addition, perks like free staff meals and deep discounts on hotel stay around the world add even more appeal to the industry.

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  • The hospitality industry allows for creativity. Guests in hotels and restaurants never cease to amaze with their unusual requests, and managers of both respectively usually find a way to satisfy them. The profession generally allows you to generate ideas for new products and experiences. 

Which Programs Offer the Most Benefits?

Of all the opportunities available in the hospitality industry, Restaurant and Foodservice Management is projected to grow rapidly–estimated at around 15 percent by 2030. A bachelor’s degree in this field enables you to find a management job anywhere food is produced, prepared, or served, opening up many opportunities and increasing salary options. 

For an outstanding return on investment in education, look no further than Lackawanna College’s Associate Degree in Hospitality. The program, designed to be completed in two years, prepares students to be hospitality executives. With the knowledge and skills gleaned from the degree program, graduates can expect to earn over $100,000 annually, based on the path they choose after college.

The Rock n’ Rollers of the Hospitality world and culinary artists — otherwise known as chefs — bask in the most impressive statistics. Employment for chefs and head cooks is projected to rise by 25 percent in the next ten years, and salaries for chefs know no limits. Lackawanna College’s two-year, 30-credit Associate Degree Program in Culinary Arts prepares graduates for unlimited opportunities.

All around the world, people love those who work in the hospitality industry. Whether we are happy to see a smiling face after a day of grueling travel or delighted with the perfect meal on a special occasion, we appreciate the effort others make on our behalf.

With the education opportunities available at Lackawanna College’s Department of Hospitality and Culinary, you can also be part of the hospitality industry and feel the love. Apply today!