Nursing: A Rewarding Career Choice with Endless Possibilities


Nursing: A Rewarding Career Choice with Endless Possibilities

Rewarding Career

If you seek a fulfilling career, nursing could be an ideal choice. If you are passionate about aiding others, nursing offers the chance to assist individuals across various situations, from minor ailments to intricate health conditions, leaving you with a palpable sense of making a difference. With a dynamic work routine, nurses encounter diverse challenges and demand innovative solutions in educational settings, offices, or hospitals. If a fast-paced environment ignites your enthusiasm, nursing’s quick-thinking demands align perfectly. Furthermore, nursing’s robust job prospects stand out, as the field is projected to witness a 25% job increase from 2020 to 2030.

Now is a great time to explore your career options at Lackawanna College. Our many Medical Field majors, including our popular nursing associate degree, can provide you with a rewarding career you’ll enjoy for years.

What nursing degree can I earn from Lackawanna College?

We offer a Nursing Associate of Science degree. Our program prepares students to take their National Council Licensure Examination-RN, or NCLEX-RN, the major exam students must pass to become Registered nurses. 

How does this degree prepare students for their nursing careers?

Our nursing classes cover topics such as patient care fundamentals, pharmacology, mental health resources, and caring for aging, among many others. We also know that nurses must respond under pressure. That’s why we use real-world nursing simulations alongside classroom learning. Students can expect to participate in clinical experiences from their first semester onwards. 

What careers in nursing are possible for me? 

If you’re wondering about nursing career paths, there are many possibilities. Think of your associate degree as your starting point for opportunities such as:

  • RN: As a Registered nurse, you would likely work directly under a physician and help care for patients. You could work with patients in a doctor’s office, school, clinic, or nursing care facility. And if you’re wondering do hospitals hire nurses with associate degrees, the answer is yes – so if you’ve always imagined helping patients in a hospital setting, our program can help you get there. 
  • RN-BSN: As a Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you earn a more comprehensive range of job opportunities, including leadership and specialty roles, enhancing your nursing career. Equipping nurses with the skills to critically analyze research and apply it to their clinical decisions, ultimately benefiting patient care. 
  • Nurse anesthetists: These nurses provide anesthesia care for patients undergoing surgical procedures. You’d be in charge of patient care before, during, and after surgery to ensure patients are pain-free.
  • Certified nurse midwife: Interested in working in maternal care? As a certified nurse midwife, you undergo further training to provide care to pregnant women through labor and delivery.
  • Research nurse: If you have an eye for detail, you might be interested in becoming a clinical research nurse. In this role, you might help organize health studies, write reports, and perform up-to-date health research.
  • Nursing administration: Nurse administrators focus on the business elements of nursing, including budgeting and hiring. If you feel comfortable in a leadership role, a nurse administrator position could fit you.

What is a nurse practitioner?

These are the key aspects of the nurse practitioner career path, highlighting the transition from registered nursing to an independent role with advanced responsibilities:

  • NP can practice independently with more autonomy than RNs.
  • NPs diagnose and create treatment plans for patients.
  • NPs undergo intensive training due to increased responsibilities.
  • Required: master’s or doctoral degree, advanced clinical experience.
  • Start with an RN license.
  • Pursue a Master of Science in Nursing graduate program.
  • Pass the National NP Certification Board Exam for an NP license.

Where can I find more information about Lackawanna’s nursing program?

Use your strengths and passions in a nursing position that’s a perfect fit. When it comes to nursing, the opportunities for a fulfilling career path are endless.

Begin your nursing journey at Lackawanna! Contact us to see how we can prepare you for any nursing career path you choose.