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McDonald’s Sponsors Lackawanna College’s Cybersecurity Lab

The Lackawanna College Cybersecurity program received a sponsorship from McDonald’s for its lab in the upcoming Center for Technology Innovation (CTI).

“It’s super empowering and exciting for the future home of our CTI building and this sponsorship is going to make a difference for us to give back to the students who will then give back to the community as whole,” Director of College Advancement Amber Riedinger said. “Everyone knows McDonald’s and having them come on as a sponsor to back our new facility is huge.”

The payment made is $50,000 from the Mueller family, operators of McDonald’s restaurants in the local area. The sponsorship goes to the CTI’s capital campaign fund and will be paid over the course of five years. The lab will be located on the first floor of the CTI building.

“We are investing in educating the future of our local community and helping people better themselves by following whatever dreams they have,” Christina Mueller said. “Cybersecurity is a growing industry and becoming more critical every day. We are extremely happy to partner with Lackawanna and make an impact.”

The Mueller family franchise is locally owned and operated with 19 McDonald’s restaurants across northeastern Pennsylvania, including two in Allentown. Currently, Lackawanna College and the Mueller family have a partnership where employees who work in Mueller family McDonald’s can receive free tuition. Employees who work at least 16 hours a week and complete 90 days of employment, can earn a degree.

Lackawanna College’s Cybersecurity Associate Degree will cover various computer science topics, allowing students to learn how to prevent major cyber security threats and attacks. Cybersecurity is a fast-paced field, and students receive an education preparing them to tackle the problems our online world faces every day. The program is currently accepting enrollment.

Donations can be made to the following link:

*Pictured left to right – Lackawanna College President and Chief Innovation Officer Jill Murray, Ph.D., Carol Mueller, Christina Mueller and Director of College Advancement Amber Riedinger.