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Kickstart Your Career With a Human Services-Bachelor’s Degree

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Do you have a passion for helping others? If so, there are plenty of opportunities to turn your nurturing nature into a full-time career. This article will focus on a Human Services Bachelor’s Degree and how it can support your desire to help others lead better lives.

What is a Human Services Bachelor’s Degree?

A human services degree prepares you to work in several fields that touch on human society, people, and their needs. These can include government positions, nonprofits, and community-orientated organizations like rehabilitation centers and anti-bullying programs for schools. Specific career opportunities include roles like eligibility worker, substance abuse counselor, and social worker.

Why The World Needs Human Services

Many social experts agree that human services and those trained in this field are critical to the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and society. When you decide to study human services, you can bring positive change to vulnerable individuals by promoting equality, safety, education, and social justice for all. 

Human services offer a helpful and rewarding career path for empathic people determined to help others in unfortunate situations. You will work on the ground level with people who need guidance, a helping hand, and compassion to turn their lives around.

The First Step? Find an Accredited Institute

It is essential to start your incredible journey by enrolling in a college or university fully accredited by education authorities. This is important for two reasons. 

The first is that potential employers always look at who issued your qualifications. If they come from an unaccredited learning facility, the chances are that they won’t acknowledge your degree or offer you the position. A qualification from an accredited institute opens doors to more job opportunities and gives you the recognition you deserve as a human services expert. 

The second reason is financial assistance. Accredited facilities are known for providing students with various financial aid options and support, ensuring you can reach your goals faster.

Can I Study Human Services at Lackawanna College?

Yes, you can. We offer two qualifications in this field: a Human Services Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree.

To reiterate a previous important point, Lackawanna College is fully accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This entity is designated as a National Accrediting Agency by the U.S. Office of Education. We also offer financial aid services to make studying human services at our college easier.

What Can I Expect From Lackawanna’s Human Services Bachelor’s Degree?

Our degree will help you gain hands-on experience to provide the best service to vulnerable groups. The length runs for four years, but once you are done, you will be ready to step into the field and start working immediately. 

You will study a diverse curriculum that will allow you to excel in any human services field. The course has a two-fold nature. On the one hand, you will learn how to become a dynamic expert via classroom lessons and complete an internship to gain valuable real-world experience. The internship is completed once you have worked 200 hours, ensuring you gain excellent practical education. 

Students are exposed to several internal courses that make up the final degree.

These include:

• Theories of Counseling
• Helping Skills
• Race and Ethnic Relations
• Social Psychology
• Human Service Ethics
• Psychopathology
• Drugs and Behavior
• Crisis Intervention
• Case Management

Why Choose Lackawanna College?

Lackawanna College is passionate about helping all our students prepare for successful careers. That is why we are fully accredited and offer financial aid to students who prefer it. 

If you want to sign up for our comprehensive Human Services Bachelor’s Degree, don’t hesitate to visit our admissions page to learn more about our historic college and admissions process. We are excited to welcome you into our student body and help you to succeed in the fantastic and worthwhile field of human service. Apply to Lackawanna College today!