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What You Can Do with a Robotics Degree

Robotics Week

Robotics at a Glance

The field of robotics has grown a lot over the past few decades as society has started to rely more on technology. With major achievements in engineering, software development and artificial intelligence, the robotics industry is constantly evolving!

If you’re an innovator who thinks out of the box, then robotics is the field for you! You’ll gain a unique skill set that will teach you to solve complex problems and have a direct impact on how technology affects the world.

The robotics field is growing fast!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 9% job market growth from 2016 through 2026 across all occupations.

According to the BLS, the median annual wage for mechanical engineers was $90,160 in May 2020.

Jobs in Robotics

  •         Computer Scientist
  •         Electromechanical Technician
  •         Mechanical Engineer
  •         Robotics Engineer
  •         Sales Engineer
  •         …and more!

What You’ll Do in Robotics

As a Robotics professional, you’ll design machines to help a variety of industries. Robotics professionals work with specific technologies such as medical, manufacturing, military or education to create solutions to complex processes and production.

The robotics field requires you to have a variety of skills in engineering, software development, computing, artificial intelligence and more. Once in the field, you’ll be expected to apply these skills to solving previously unsolvable problems.

How to Get a Career in Robotics

If you want to get a job in robotics, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science or a similar field with a concentration in robotics. To advance in most positions, you’ll need to earn your master’s or doctoral degree.