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From Classroom to Construction Site: What to Expect in Lackawanna College’s Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program

From Classroom to Construction Site: What to Expect in Lackawanna College's Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Lackawanna College’s Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program offers a hands-on and comprehensive construction education that can set you on the path to a successful career in the construction field. With a strong emphasis on practical learning and hands-on experience, this program equips students with the proficiency, knowledge and confidence to excel in entry-level construction jobs.

This blog will look at the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program and provide an in-depth overview of everything you need to know. You can find everything you need to determine if this program is right for you, from coursework details to how to apply.

Degree in Construction vs. Construction Pre Apprenticeship Programs

Construction pre apprenticeship programs and a construction degree prepare students for industry careers. However, pre-apprenticeship programs differ because they mainly focus on providing practical skills, hands-on experience and necessary certifications for quick entry into the workforce or formal apprenticeship.

What Does Lackawanna College’s Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program Offer?

The Lackawanna College Construction Pre Apprenticeship Certificate Program is a 22-week program in which students complete six credit-bearing courses, 11 certifications and 16.5 college credits. Whether you want to become a carpenter, electrician, or any other construction tradesperson, this program is an excellent starting point.

What Can You Expect from the Program?

Our certificate program is your gateway to a world of hands-on experience and workforce certifications, which could give you the upper hand in hiring. The program is built in partnership with industry leaders, including the Eastern PA Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. (ABC) and Hayden Power Group. Through these partnerships, you will earn certificates and scholarships throughout the program.

The curriculum of the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program covers a variety of courses that cover skills required in the construction industry. These courses include:

  • Construction Safety
  • Tools
  • Rigging and Measurement
  • Construction Math
  • Technology Literacy
  • Communication for the Construction Industry
  • Capstone Course for Construction

In addition to the core curriculum, there’s an eight-week English as a Second Language (ESL) program to support students who may require basic English education. This program aims to serve the Hazleton community by providing training choices to those unable to attend a technology center.

What Job Prospects Await Graduates of the Program?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment for construction workers is steadily increasing, with a 4% increase expected between now and 2031. Additionally, the median average wage of construction workers is around $37,520 per year as of May 2021.

Upon completion of the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program, students will have developed a strong construction education foundation and be well-prepared to enter the workforce. From learning construction math to honing communication skills, this program prepares students for various jobs in the field. The program concludes with resume and interviewing skills sessions, and in collaboration with ABC, a large job fair is organized to facilitate job placement for graduates.

Why Choose Lackawanna College’s Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program?

Lackawanna College’s Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program has several unique advantages that make it a valuable opportunity for future construction professionals:

  • Faster entry into the workforce: Earn your certificate for 22 weeks, preparing you for an entry-level construction job.
  • Practical, hands-on experience: The program emphasizes hands-on training and practical skills, allowing you to gain real-world experience in various construction trades.
  • Industry-recognized certifications: The program provides 11 certifications in partnership with ABC Eastern PA Chapter and Hayden Power Group, giving you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.
  • Flexible learning options: With classes four days a week, the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program offers a flexible schedule – making it easier to balance work, family, and educational commitments.
  • Career support: The Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Program provides education, training, and career support, including resume and interviewing skills and a job fair with ABC. This enhances job placement prospects and promotes a smooth transition to the workforce.

Don’t miss your chance to turn your passion into a successful career – With a solid construction education, hands-on experience and valuable industry connections; you can confidently enter the workforce and excel in your chosen construction field.

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