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OTA Program Graduation Requirements

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Lackawanna College Graduation Requirements

All students meeting graduation requirements for December, May, or August graduation must complete an application for graduation through their Capstone – College 201 or College 401 class. All potential graduates are required to register for the Capstone class and complete all class requirements. The College is not responsible for those students who fail to apply by the deadline since graduation orders must be placed well in advance. Students who meet requirements but do not apply for graduation will not be listed on the graduation roster, nor will completion of degree be indicated on the student transcript. No diploma will be ordered for students who do not apply for graduation. Students who are short of curriculum requirements by more than one course or owe the college any outstanding balance will not participate in commencement. For any questions regarding graduation requirements, please contact the Registrar.

OTA Program Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, students must:

  • Successful completion of all general education courses and non-major pre-requisite courses with a minimum final grade of C in each course
  • Successful completion of all OTA courses with a minimum final grade of B- (80)
  • Successful completion of Critical Skills Proficiency in Evaluation, Intervention, Communication I, II and III
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.5
  • Successful completion of all Level I Fieldwork Experiences (1, 2, 3)
  • Successful completion of both Level II Fieldwork Experiences within the specific amount of time allotted in the paragraph below (all within a consecutive 36-month time period) following all coursework and Level I Fieldwork
  • Successful earning of all seventy-four (74) credits of the program including the demonstration of all identified competencies identified in each OTA course
  • Completion of the Capstone Project required for completion of OTA 265 Level II Fieldwork 2
  • Completion of all program requirements including Level II Fieldwork within a consecutive 36-month period
  • Submission of graduation application and fees


For participation in commencement there may be no outstanding monetary balance owed to the College.