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Making College Decisions In A Virtual World

As parts of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania enter the ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ phases of the state’s reopening plan, high school graduates will face a new and unique set of challenges. Across the country, college now exists in a virtual world, and the search process has changed dramatically. As prospective students navigate this evolving process, Lackawanna College has expanded its efforts to ensure that students have the information and tools they need to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their college plans.

New Virtual Answers to the Admissions process
The Office of Admissions partnered with key departments at the College to create virtual enrollment videos, which take prospective students and their families through each step of the admissions process and help answer many FAQs.

We also created a virtual campus tour and are working on a virtual Open House and virtual Inspect-a-Program days.

Virtual Express Enrollment
Our admissions department is always finding original ways to help students easily transition to College. In response to COVID-19, the Office of Admissions created Virtual Express Enrollment events to replace in-person events. These events are held every Wednesday, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. to give potential students the ability to fast track the enrollment process.

Virtual Express Enrollment is a spectacular way for students to communicate directly with an admissions advisor from home! Students who sign up receive an invitation to join a Google Hangout, Zoom or Microsoft Teams presentation where they can get information on the history and highlights of Lackawanna College, admissions requirements, talk about their goals, go through a curriculum review, discuss college affordability and the next steps for enrollment. Student feedback has been extremely positive about using these online tools to connect with staff to help guide them towards making their college decision. 

New Financial Aid Options
The pandemic has caused financial stress for our incoming students and their families, and we are dedicated to finding ways to keep College affordable and obtainable. That is why we created new scholarships geared towards incoming students to help offset tuition costs and keep local students on their educational path with the ability to stay close to home. 

Honors Program Scholarship
The Honors Program Scholarship is designed for top academically-ranked high school seniors in every high school graduating class from 33 school districts across Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.  

The Honors Program consists of full-tuition scholarshipsfor up to four years to those students ranked in the top 10 in each school. The students ranked from 11-20 in each participating school will be offered 50% tuition scholarships for up to four years, with the opportunity to earn full scholarships based on financial need.

Dual Enrollment Scholarship
The Dual Enrollment scholarship is available to graduating seniors in the class of 2020 who participated in the College’s dual enrollment program. These scholarships range from $1,200 available to a student who took one dual enrollment course and enrolls in a bachelor’s program up to $10,000 or more, doubling or quadrupling what a student spent taking dual enrollment courses while in high school. 

We are proud of the hard work our College Community has done to ensure that our students, both current and incoming, have the best experience possible during these trying times. As a team and as a Family of Falcons we have soared above the challenges and created a safe and healthy environment for new and returning students, faculty and staff.

What other virtual enrollment options could help our students now or in the future? What other financial programs can we offer to our incoming students?