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Lackawanna College’s SGA officers ready to make a difference

A group of Lackawanna College students want to make the lives of students even better throughout the college community.

The newest group of Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Cabinet members started their work recently after the student body voted them into office last semester. The group of students will serve during the 2022-2023 school year.

“Our SGA Executive Cabinet members are an important part of our student body. They give students a voice in the college community and they work to implement beneficial changes,” said Lackawanna College President Dr. Jill Murray. “Our students not only get a quality education at Lackawanna College but they also get exposed to real-world experiences such as being leaders of an organization like the Student Government Association. These unique experiences better prepare them for their future careers and as future leaders in their communities.”

Mr. Kris Liebegott, Dean of Students at Lackawanna College and SGA advisor, said student interest in serving on SGA has increased since it started back up last year.

“We are thrilled at the level of engagement in Student Government over the past year,” Mr. Liebegott said. “I am constantly in awe of our students and their dedication to a better Lackawanna College.”

Student Government was officially reestablished at Lackawanna College in fall of 2021. At that time, 10 students sought election. This past spring, that number increased by 40%.

Students cast their ballots for this school year in April. During that month, SGA candidates campaigned by posting flyers, sharing social media posts and handing out food and drinks to promote their campaigns.

They voted for a president, vice president, information officer, communications manager and chief financial officer. The ballot also included Senate elections for both Scranton and Towanda locations.

Those elected include:

Executive Cabinet President: Alura Henderson
Vice President: Chelsea Bush
Information Officer: Jessica Gay
Communications Manager: Issac Price
Chief Financial Officer: Jessica Teribury

Senate Scranton Senator: Colleen Santos
Towanda Center Senator: Timothy Henry

The presidential election, the most competitive race this year, saw four students campaign for the position.

“I feel excited and motivated to be able to make positive changes at Lackawanna for our fellow students,” President Ms. Alura Henderson said.

Ms. Henderson emphasized a vision of “communication and reconnection” early in her campaign. “There is no such thing as an issue that is too big or too small,” she said. “I am available to students 24/7 and my main priority is putting their voice first.”

The election results also came with several firsts for SGA.

“I am excited to see what the future holds!” said Mr. Issac Price, Communications Manager, and the first LGBTQ+ Executive Cabinet member in SGA history. “I missed being involved with school activities, and to be able to be a part of something that will have a lasting impact on Lackawanna is amazing. I want to make the school physically and socially easier on students who may need it.”

Mrs. Jessica Gay, a Lake Region student and Information Officer, will be the first SGA Executive Cabinet member from a LC Center. “I feel honored and accomplished … I am most excited to be a voice within the student body.”

The Towanda Center also welcomed their first elected Senator. “I am so honored to be the first Towanda Center Senator in SGA history!” said Senator Mr. Timothy Henry. “I am excited to represent Towanda Center students … by researching issues and collecting student opinions on a regular basis.”

Student Government Association (SGA) exists to foster unity between students and the College, to promote student concerns and to advance the general welfare of the institution. SGA serves as the official voice of the student body and strives to provide impactful contributions to the college community.