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Lackawanna College International Women’s Day Spotlight!

Lackawanna College International Women's Day - Alicia Burns, EdD, Karolyn DeMarco, Nicole Ciali-Bradigan, BSW, MS

In honor of International Women’s Day, Lackawanna College would like to recognize the women in the college’s division chairs!

We asked our division chairs to ask who is the most influential woman in their personal lives or throughout history that has made an impact on their careers.

Alicia Burns, EdD the Business Division Chair

“The most influential woman in my personal life who has impacted my career is Dr. Erica Barone-Pricci. She has created a career path that fulfills her passions and serves others in a meaningful way. To ensure she continues to lead the college thoughtfully, Erica has gone back to school for another degree (MBA) to fill any knowledge or experience gaps so she is prepared to make fiscal and cultural decisions that have the most positive impact on our institution. She is kind, happy, and welcomes everyone into her space…all while balancing her family time.”

Karolyn Demarco, Academic Development Division Chair

“Without hesitation, I choose my older sister as the most influential woman in my life. Maureen has perfected the balancing act of life. She is the executive director at her job, she is an amazing mom and also known as ‘Coach Moe’ on the softball field and basketball court. She is a loyal friend and the most supportive sister. She even exercises, eats healthy, and never presses the snooze button! If Maureen says she is going to do something, no one will ever question if it will be done, and that is the most amazing quality. She will call you back, show up when you need her, build you up if you’re feeling down, and celebrate you when you’re at your highest. She is my big sister and she is a real life Wonder Woman!”

Nicole Ciali-Bradigan, BSW, MS, Social Science Division Chair

“I would have to say Joanie Salla. She was a director of Luzerne county Children and Youth and also an adjunct professor at Misericordia. I had her as an adjunct professor many times while at Misericordia and she made such an impact on my life. I hope I am doing the same for my students that she did for me.”