$15,000 from the City of Scranton | Lackawanna College


Lackawanna College Awarded $15,000 from the City of Scranton as part of the American Rescue Plan Act

Lackawanna College was recently rewarded $15,000 from the city of Scranton as part of the American Rescue Plan Act funding.

The funding from the American Rescue Plan Act will be used to support the Lackawanna College Counseling Program facilitated by Lackawanna’s Student Wellness Office, helping cover the cost of mental health counseling sessions for current students.

The project director for the counseling program, Student Wellness Program Director Tierny Ulmer Cresswell, is excited about the program and the care it can provide, especially with the increased need for mental health services post COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to expand mental health services here on our campus for our students. Mental health services are imperative to getting our students to graduation,” Cresswell said. “Similar with what other institutions are seeing post COVID-19, the intensity of student challenges are becoming greater – adding this level of care is necessary for students success .”

The counseling program started the 2022 fall semester and is free for any current student to take advantage of both in person, with an on-campus therapist located in Angeli Hall, and online through telehealth.

Students in the Sunbury, Lake Region, Hazleton, Tunkhannock and Towanda Centers can use this service virtually as well.

“Student response has been wonderful, we surpassed the expected number of students within the first two months – that showed us quickly how much it was needed,” Cresswell said. “We are grateful to be able to provide quality mental health services to students at all Lackawanna College campuses for free. These funds will assist us to remove barriers students often face when trying to access mental health services.” 

Lackawanna College will use the funding from the American Rescue Plan Act on July 1, 2023.

The Lackawanna College Student Wellness Program is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles, positive choices, and total wellness for all students. Students can get support to overcome the demands of adjusting to the social, emotional, and educational demands of college.

Students can gain access to local resources in order to overcome a number of issues including relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, identity issues, stress management, substance abuse, and more.

All Student Wellness Program services are free and confidential for Lackawanna College students. Situations of a serious nature are referred out to community agencies or local hospitals with the support and assistance from the Student Wellness Program. Emergency and crisis consultation is also available.

Current students can access more information and important resources on the Lackawanna College portal.