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How to Get a Job after College

You just graduated from college! Now what? Your calendar is free of assignments, tests, and projects, and you wonder what is next in this walk of life. Be warned; there will be pressure after you graduate to shift to other people’s versions of “adulthood.” Many will tell you that life after college comes with much anxiety. However, at Lackawanna, we are here to guide and assist you as you transition to your seemingly unpredictable but thrilling future — whether that be a job or continued education!

If you’re a newly graduated from Lackawanna College, or perhaps you’re just graduating elsewhere, we are here with some tips to ease your mind and guide your transition.

Fit the Resumé to the Job, Not the Job to the Resumé

When you’re applying for jobs, you need to ensure your resume fits the requirements of the position you’re applying for. The first step is to go to the company’s website and look at the job you are applying for. Look at the list of requirements needed: Are you the right age? Do you have the proper skill set? Can you lift more than 50-100 pounds? Be sure to freshen up on interview skills and practice for your future interviews! Do a quick Google search like “interview tips for college students,” and you’ll be well on your way! As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “Time is money.” Finding a job you like that fits your interests and degree will help as the bills start rolling in. An important tip is narrowing down your job search and, from there, narrowing down your job options.

Keep Up! Keep Up! Keep Up! 

The best time to apply for a job is within the first 48 hours after it is posted. It’s essential to refresh your computer, phone, or tablet screen at least every 30 minutes to an hour. While consistently checking, you’ll have first dibs and grabs on new job postings and alerts. The anxiety in common situations with these can be quite unmatched. You may ask yourself: Did I apply quickly enough? Did I forget to attach my resumé? Did I select the best interview date and time? Getting a job after college can be stressful, but with Lackawanna, you can schedule an appointment with our Advising and Transfer Services. Here, we will not only walk you through how to satisfy your education with us, but we can also talk you through any fears you have. We are proud to offer these Advising and Transfer Services to ease your mind when it comes to the anxiety of mitigating your first job after college anxiety.

Know Who You’re Networking With 

Multiple colleges offer an online alumni database that will set you up with previous college graduates. You can take advantage of these online alumni databases to gain contact information and job advice! When approaching alums, you should have a set plan of action. Use this time to gather your contacts, research, and write a script. To get your foot in the door, you need to present yourself as properly and professionally as possible. If you’re making a phone call, show this in the tone of voice you choose, or if you’re doing it by email, make sure to tack in specific keywords that are likely to catch wandering eyes. When doing this, you will need to prepare ahead of time and either write a script or find an online template and further modify it to meet your needs. By sending an email, you are showing responsibility, credibility, and even professionalism, all without being verbal.

Another way to get your foot in the door is to try and search for a networking event. Use social media, join a group, or check online networking sites to find one. Search “networking events for college students,” and find one near you today.

At Lackawanna College, we are dedicated to serving you in enrollment, transferring, on campus, and even when you graduate. We want to change your future and help you take the next step with Lackawanna College today. To get your Lackawanna journey started today, you can apply or contact us at 877-346-3552.