Far From Ordinary | Lackawanna College


Far From Ordinary

The last few days have been anything but ordinary. As we all respond to the spread of COVID-19 and work to protect our students, faculty, and staff to the best of our ability, we are struck with so many emotions and reactions, including apprehension, concern, and gratitude.

We are just in the early stages of these challenging times. There has never been a time when it’s been more important for our community – College and external – to rally around each other, support each other, and protect each other.

As we all stay home with much time to think, we’d like to change the conversation away from all that we are sacrificing as students miss the face to face instruction, small businesses struggle to stay afloat, we all miss our family and friends, and social isolation sets in. We keenly feel these sacrifices and mourn what we’re missing, and by no means do we trivialize that loss. At the same time, we’d like to search for what we’ve gained and the amazing examples of kindness and support we’ve seen over the past few days, just from our corner of the world.

  • Our faculty have worked tirelessly, around the clock, to make online classes ready for students in a very short timeline, despite their discomfort and, for some, a steep learning curve.
  • Staff members volunteered to reach out to our students in all capacities to check in on them, make sure they are okay, and offer whatever assistance we can.
  • Departmental silos have all but broken entirely down. Everyone is working with the same goal in mind – making our students feel secure and cared for.

This is an unprecedented challenge, and we’ll need an unprecedented response. At Lackawanna College, we are proud to have an exceptional faculty and staff wholly focused on student support in all its forms. We are equally committed to participating in a positive way to help our regional community emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

What would you like to share your experience during these last few weeks? How can our powerhouse of a community help you weather this turbulent time?