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Electric Vehicle & Advanced Automotive Technologies

At A Glance

  Two-year program geared towards problem-solving and critical thinking to understand    and diagnose today and tomorrow’s complex automobiles.

Students remain on the forefront of the automotive industry through theory and hands-on application with hybrid and electric vehicles.

Battery-powered electric vehicles will amount to 20% of global sales by 2025 and 59% in 2035.

The medium annual salary for an automotive service technician is $42,090.

Students will have the opportunity to earn advanced certifications through a partnership with SnapOn Tools, the only one in the region.

Electric Vehicle & Advanced Automotive Technologies

The Lackawanna College Electric Vehicle & Advanced Automotive Technologies Program will teach the essential skills needed for automotive technicians working in today’s transportation industry.  The Program is different than a traditional automotive program in that it is focused on the important skills needed to maintain not only todays vehicles but also on the vehicles of the future. 

Our program will train technicians to perform the 10 most common vehicle repairs required, as identified in research conducted by IMR Inc., a leader in automotive research. 8 of those 10 repairs apply to both internal combustion engines and hybrid vehicles. 

Your Career Starts Here

Unique to our program will be the opportunity for our students to earn in demand credentials and certifications that can be used to display competence in the following areas:

  • Pennsylvania Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Lifting It Right (vehicle lifting certification)
  • ShopKey Pro (Service Information Retrieval)
  • Wheel Service and Alignment
  • Multimeters
  • Brake Rotor Matching
  • Scanner Diagnostics
  • Battery, Starting and Charging


More About the Program

Our training also focuses on preparing our students for the booming electric vehicle industry. As the credentials and certifications for the electric vehicle space become available, we will incorporate them into the program.

The Electric Vehicle & Advanced Automotive Technologies Program covers advanced operating theories of fuel, hybrid, and electric automotive systems and components. Students will learn to apply automotive operating principles and to diagnose malfunctions in automotive systems. The course work emphasizes the development of skills in safety, service, repair, testing and maintaining automobiles. The curriculum aligns with the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Automobile Certification Tests.

  • A4 Suspension and Steering
  • A5 Braking Systems
  • A6 Electrical Systems
  • A8 Engine Performance