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Professional Studies English Writing

At A Glance

Learn how to elevate your writing ability into a professional career with the Professional Studies English Writing major.
Start your career earning $31,000 per year and grow into earning $72,000 per year.
Enter a steadily growing career with more openings for writers available every year.
Earn your degree over the course of four years at Lackawanna College’s main campus in Scranton.

Welcome to Professional Studies English Writing-Bachelor’s Degree

You’ve always enjoyed a good read and used your writing skills from reading to express yourself on paper. Now you’re wondering how to turn your passion of writing into a career that you’re proud of.

Our Professional Students English Writing bachelor’s degree will give you skills you need from the classroom and internships to turn over a new page in your life to begin a new story.

Your Career Starts Here

Employment of writers and similar writing fields is projected to increase 9% through now and 2030, which is average for most occupations. Over 15,000 openings are projected each year for the next decade.

The median average wage for writers and similar writing fields was $69, 510 annually in May 2021.

Earning your degree in Professional Studies English Writing will open numerous doors in the writing field. You’ll find employment in:

  • Professional Settings
  • Scientific & Technical Services
  • Information Centers
  • State, Local, and Federal Government
  • Performing Arts
  • Sports Industries
  • Collegiate Settings
  • And other writing settings

Jobs you can begin after earning your degree include:

  • Copywriter
  • Blog Writer
  • Copy Editor
  • Freelance Writer
  • Content Writing
  • Sports Writing
  • Author
  • Technical Writer
  • Medical Writer
  • And Many More!

More About the Program

Students in this major will receive a well-rounded education expected of any professional studies program. Professional studies introduce students to a wide variety of topics and allow them to explore different ways of thinking.

Studying different subjects is an important part of the professional studies degree program, but much of the program involves students studying literature, technical writing, fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Workshops and seminar critiques will include detailed reports and feedback to assess the mechanisms and structure of student writing, creating a plan of action to improve work.

During this four-year degree program, students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate analytical and creative reasoning skills.
  • Effectively communicate ideas through written expression.
  • Integrate multi-disciplinary course offerings as a plan to develop a diverse writing style.
  • Demonstrate the ability to provide works on subjects relating to human existence: social, political, philosophical, technological and cultural studies through theories of written communication.
  • Explore writing and literature through the cultural lens of today’s writing platforms.
  • Explore the basics of publishing, such as query letters, proposals and cover letters.

The Professional Studies English Writing allows students to choose from various courses that suit their talents and interests. Our curriculum allows students to take courses where they can hone their skills in different writing styles and study multiple genres of literature.

With strong writing skills and a diverse knowledge of different subjects learned through the professional studies curriculum, you can work in a variety of fields and find your passion. Our professional studies major helps students create a solid foundation to build a career on, while English and writing prepares them to become professional writers.

The Course Work

The Professional Writing English Writing track provides a variety of courses to improve your writing skills. Some of the courses include:

  • Effective Speaking
  • Fine Arts Survey
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Humanities
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Writing/Revision Seminar
  • Research Writing and Methodologies
  • And many more.