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Pennsylvania Director Credential Course

At A Glance

15-week program that helps people advance in the child-care field.
Graduates can work as administrators or directors of early childhood and school-age programs.
Demand for qualified workers continues to grow with the field expected to increase by 8% from 2020 to 2030.
Graduates can earn between $31,200 and $78,350, depending on experience.
Fully online program.

Welcome to Pennsylvania Director-Credential Course

If a career leading children’s education program interests you, consider Lackawanna College’s Pennsylvania Director credential certificate. The program helps people in the child-care industry move into leadership roles by giving them the skills needed to lead.

Your Career Starts Here

With the child-care field expected to grow by 8% over the next 10 years, organizations need skilled leaders who can run quality programs. After completing the certificate course, graduates can work at a variety of businesses such as:

  • Child-care centers
  • Home businesses
  • Other locations

More About the Program

Lackawanna’s Pennsylvania Director credential course is for individuals who want to acquire the skills necessary to advance their careers in child care. The work involved in this role requires an individual to multitask in areas such as program management, employee supervision and leadership, and the needs of developing children.

At the end of the 15 weeks course, graduates will be prepared to take on this new role in their careers.

The Course Work

The credential course helps students understand the leadership standards of program director roles. Students will also learn how to put those standards into practice to help children move from one developmental stage to another.

Students will work with qualified instructors as they experience real-life challenges as a way to build on current skill sets. Program participants will interact with their peers as an important way to build a support system that will be in place even after all coursework is completed.

Additional Information

Lackawanna College’s Pennsylvania Director Credential Course provides the required training in an approved program to allow successful graduates to apply for the PA Directors Credential through the PD Registry.  RisingStars Tuition Assistance can be used to defray the cost for those who qualify.

Lackawanna’s 15-week, 3-part course is taken fully online with a qualified instructor. The director credential course can be taken in any sequence.