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ESL to Customer Service with Microsoft Word Certification

At A Glance

18-week certificate program teaches student practical training to listen, speak and write in American English.

Students will gain knowledge in all areas of customer service, effective written communication and organization skills.
Students can work in call centers, credit card companies, insurance agencies, financial institutions, and brick & mortar and online retailers.
Graduates can earn between $12.67 to $28.19 an hour.
Available in Hazleton.

Welcome to ESL To Customer Service with Microsoft Word Certification-Certificate Program

Interested in a career where you can help others? Want to learn great communication and customer service skills? Then consider Lackawanna College’s ESL to Customer Service with Microsoft Word Certification. The program gives students the necessary skills to get a job in a variety of office and online settings.

Your Career Starts Here

Providing excellent customer service is the lifeblood of any company. With the skills and training you receive at Lackawanna, you can be a vital member of the team, helping customers get what they need.

More About the Program

Lackawanna’s ESL to Customer Service with Microsoft Word professional certification program instills in students the necessary knowledge in all areas of customer service, including call handling, effective written communication and organization skills, while also preparing them to sit for a Microsoft Office certification exam in Word.

The Curriculum

Students looking to pursue a career in culinary arts will need to hone their skills in various cooking methods and styles. Our curriculum also includes courses that will teach students other skills needed to work in culinary arts, such as courses that cover topics like nutrition and food safety. In this program, students will be ready to work in any kitchen environment they choose.

Some of the courses included in this curriculum are:

The Course Work

This program runs 320 hours (18 weeks), with a focus on ESL for 12 hours per week for 10 weeks, and customer service for 25 hours per week for 8 weeks. Upon completion, a certificate is rewarded.

The program offers the student practical training for listening, speaking, and writing in American English. By focusing not only on grammatically correct English but also commonly used internet terms and jargon, the program equips the student with the fundamental abilities needed to successfully communicate with customers and better understand their problems, needs, wants, and requests.

Additional Information

Lackawanna College is committed to providing ESL students with the care, attention, and instruction they need to enjoy academic success and pursue their chosen career goals.