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Police Academy (Act 235)

At A Glance

The Lackawanna College Police Academy is certified as a Lethal Weapons Training School by the Pennsylvania State Police and offers this training at our Hazleton and Scranton Campuses.

Classes are scheduled on evenings and weekends to accommodate students who work during regular business hours.

Both Initial Certification (40 hours of training) and Recertification (8 hours of training) courses are offered by the Lackawanna College Police Academy.

Welcome to the Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training Program

Under Pennsylvania law, any person who carries a firearm or lethal weapon as part of their employment is required to be a Certified Agent under the Lethal Weapons Training Act.  Lackawanna College is one of the few licensed training centers in northeastern Pennsylvania that provides this training!

Your Career Starts Here

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2022), the salary range for private security services in Pennsylvania is $24,000.00 – $51,000 annually. US News and World Report ranks Security Guard #13 in “Best Social Services Jobs”.

More About the Program

Act 235 provides training and licensing for individuals, 18 years or older, who are employed in security services, protective patrol, or private investigation and carry a firearm or other lethal weapon during the course of their employment.

In order to be certified, applicants must pass a physical examination, psychological examination, and pass a criminal history check.  All necessary forms must be completed by the applicant and can be found on the Pennsylvania State Police website: www.psp.pa.gov/lethalweapons

The Course Work

26 hours of classroom training including Crimes Code, Legal Authority, Principals of Justification, and Testifying in Court.

14 hour of hands-on training including Handgun Familiarization, Intro to Combat Shooting, and Handgun Qualification. 

Additional Information

  • Basic Course with Firearms:   $350.00
  •  Without Firearms:  $250.00
  • Recertification Course with Firearms:  $225.00
  • Without Firearms:  $200.00
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