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Advice for Applying For Scholarships

Education can be expensive, but scholarships can help you get the college education you deserve. Many of these will cut all or most of the costs. Read on to learn how to apply and for tips on improving your chance of acceptance.

How Many Scholarships to Apply For 

There isn’t a specific number for how many scholarships you should apply for. While it’s understandable that you want to get accepted into a college, quality beats quantity every time. If you apply to dozens, you might get accepted, but not by a suitable college. This approach can also be time-consuming and cause you to spend less time than you need to on each application. 

The better option is to find one that matches your skills and can help you achieve your desired career. So, if the scholarship is aimed at aspiring athletes and you break out in a sweat running for the bus, but you excel at maths, it’s not as suitable as a scholarship aimed at those with high grades in maths. 

In short, the answer to how many scholarships should I apply for is as many as you have time for, from those that specifically apply to you.  

Get Your Scholarship Essay Right 

Knowing how to write a good scholarship essay is essential if you want to give yourself the best chance of acceptance into your preferred college.

With that in mind, here are some scholarship essay tips to help you stand out. 

  • Make sure you understand the instructions and requirements – It seems obvious, but it’s possible to write a great essay that loses you a place just because it’s not what was asked for. Reading the instructions several times and asking questions about anything you are unsure about can save you time and help you secure a scholarship. 
  • Do your research – Knowing as much as possible about the organization, its mission and its values ensures your essay doesn’t clash with these. If this applies to the essay, you can also use your paper to show you share the same values. 
  • Tailor your essay to the specific scholarship – Even if you’re applying for similar scholarships, don’t be tempted to take a shortcut and use an identical essay for each one. Make them different enough that each one applies to the specific scholarship and highlights how your skills and goals align with theirs.
  • Be transparent – This is particularly important for essays where you use more technical terms. It’s good to show you understand these, but make it clear what each one means the first time you use it, and don’t go overboard on jargon. 
  • Do a thorough proofread – It’s easy to miss your own mistakes. Leave your essay for a day or two if you have time. Then come back to it. You might also try different methods of reading it, such as on-screen, printed-out, etc. 
  • Ask a trusted friend to have a final check for you. We all make mistakes, but your scholarship essay is essential. So, it makes sense for someone a little more distanced from it to have a final proofread.

How To Win a Scholarship

If finances mean you’ll be unable to afford a college education without a scholarship, then here are some more tips on how to win scholarships. 

  • Apply early – Give yourself as much time as possible to research and apply for the best scholarships for your skills and needs. 
  • Target your search – Narrow down the options by interests, background, qualifications, etc. Closer matches will improve your chances of acceptance and leave you more time to submit high-quality applications. 
  • Demonstrate your passion for your chosen subject – If you’re going to study for a qualification towards your chosen career, you’ll already have a strong interest. So, make sure you get this across. 
  • Letters of recommendation – Make sure you know who you’ll ask and give them plenty of notice so they have time to write this. 
  • Be persistent – If your first option turns you down, try others. There are lots to choose from. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your education, you can apply today to Lackawanna College. Their extensive choice of online and offline qualifications can help prepare you for various careers.